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4Geeks Academy

Bootcamp/Coding School

The place where developers grow and thrive

4Geeks Academy is the place where developers grow and thrive. The programs and methodology instructed by specialists of code will boost software developers careers in just a few months. 4Geeks is proud to offer programs including, Full Stack Developer, Web & Cloud Software Engineering, AI/Machine Learning, and a Coding Bootcamp.
20% off the Full Stack or 40% off the AI/ML Program

Courses offered

  • Software Engineering
  • Engineering Management

Courses type

  • Full-Time Courses
  • Part-Time Courses

Present in

  • Remote
  • The Americas

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Why 4Geeks Academy?

We offer a unique methodology in which we will improve your general capabilities and turn you into a software developer. We are constantly bringing innovative approaches to teaching programming. “Breathe Coding” is our motto, because we understand that to become a developer, you have to be immersed in programming culture. We’ve made learning fun while mastering the art of sharing how programming skills fit into everyday life.

What is your admissions process?

Once you start the admissions process, you will receive and email from one of our student counselors. Simply reply to our email and we will set up a call to guide you through the process. After the phone call, you will be invited to an interview. If you wish you can visit our campus or do the interview online. During the interview you will get to know the team and share why you want to become a developer.

What is the difference between a Full-Stack Program and other programs that are more junior?

In the case of Website Developer, the curriculum includes: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, API & more. Now, the Full Stack Software Development program is designed in four stages: Prework + Learn to code + Create websites + Create web applications. It lasts 16 weeks and includes more than 300 hours of learning. The technology stack here are: JavaScript, React, Python, Flask, API, AJAX, SASS, HTML, CSS, and more. We will guide you and help you find a job after the course through our Placement Program.

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