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2019 State of Software Engineers

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The future will be built through lines of code

The past decade has been a testament to the incredible speed at which innovation can evolve and change the way we lead our lives. Looking toward the future, technologies like machine learning and blockchain have begun the next chapter of innovation. With developers sitting at the forefront of progress and the backbone of this evolution, it’s no wonder c-suite executives say developer talent is more valuable than money.

At Hired, we know that great people are the foundation of successful businesses, and we sit on the frontlines of helping innovative companies build great teams. For the first time, we are releasing an in-depth data report that double clicks into the developer community, including top skills by market, leading programming languages and workplace preferences. Hired is in a unique position to share this data since we have unprecedented visibility into the hiring process for tech workers. From the beginning of their job search to their final offer, our marketplace reveals company demand, talent supply and salary offers for software engineers. Beyond our data, we tapped into our ecosystem of developers and surveyed over 700 skilled developers across the country to gain insight into which programming languages they prefer, how they learn, and what they do and don’t like about their jobs.

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