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2019 State of Software Engineers

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2019 State of Software Engineers

The Hottest Jobs in Software Engineering

Hiring developer talent is a business priority, but not all roles are created equal. As startups introduce new ways to apply technologies and large enterprises continue their quest to digitally transform, hiring needs to evolve for all companies looking to hire top tech talent.

Data from Hired’s marketplace reveals that global demand for blockchain engineers is through the roof, at a 517% increase year over year. For developers interested in blockchain roles, don’t let the titles fool you. For engineers with an expertise in blockchain, they typically hold titles such as backend engineer, systems engineer or solutions architect, with blockchain being listed as a desired skill for the role. There was an explosion of demand in the past 12 months for developers with blockchain skills and we expect demand to continue growing as businesses begin implementing its countless use cases, from digital identity and smart contracts to workforce management and distributed data storage.

Engineers with security expertise are also highly sought-after, likely due to the ever-increasing number of data breaches and mounting consumer privacy concerns. Over the past 12 months, company demand for security engineers has increased by 132%. As companies double down on their investment to drive business results through data, and are laser focused on creating personalized and predictive customer experiences, the need for talent specializing in data analytics and machine learning is on the rise. Demand for engineers with those skills has increased by 38% and 27%, respectively.

Demand Growth for Engineering Roles

All growth data has been normalized to account for Hired’s overall marketplace growth.


As demand increases, so do salaries. In large tech hubs we analyzed, blockchain engineers make the top three for highest paid. In the San Francisco Bay Area, blockchain engineers bring in $155K on average and in London they’re earning an average of $89K. It is important to note that tech salaries outside of the US are typically much lower due to different compensation standards and the competitive landscape. But we’re seeing positive trends: In London, for example, our 2018 State of Salaries report found that salaries for tech workers as a whole are on the rise; and data specifically on London for blockchain engineers shows they are still earning much more than their peers with different specialties. Outside of New York, security and machine learning engineers are among the highest paid as well.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, they’re bringing in $155K on average and in London they’re earning an average of $89K.

When you zoom into salary data for software engineers in key tech hubs, you can see how much talent needs fluctuate from city to city. For example, gaming engineers are the highest paid group in New York, earning $147K on average, while they’re on the lower end of the compensation spectrum elsewhere. In Toronto, salaries for natural language processing engineers are soaring, at an average of $83K.

Salaries for Top Software Engineering Roles

  • New-York
  • S.F. Bay Area
  • Toronto
  • London
  • Paris

In order to share the most accurate view of engineering role salaries, we broke the data down by individual cities.