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2019 State of Software Engineers

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2019 State of Software Engineers

The Hottest Coding Languages

It’s no secret that developers have an opinion about their most loved and hated programming languages. What might be a secret to some, however, is that companies have their preferences, too.

Our data shows that candidates with experience in Go are the most in-demand — perhaps because Go was designed by Google, increasing the chances that candidates who program in Go have made the cut to work at Google. But when we surveyed developers to see which languages they actually use, Go was nowhere near the top — only 7% said they primarily work with it. Scala, Ruby, Typescript and Kotlin follow a similar trend, ranking in the top five, but with lower levels of familiarity among developers. The scarcity is likely driving up demand, and that trend could continue until these become common programming languages within the developer community.

JavaScript leads the pack as the top language developers use, at 62%, which makes TypeScript particularly interesting: it’s a superset of JavaScript (and simpler for JavaScript programmers to learn), but only 12% use TypeScript — despite it being the fourth most in-demand coding language across the globe. This presents an opportunity for the developers already familiar with JavaScript to learn TypeScript and become more attractive to companies looking to hire developers.

The data below analyzes the correlation between a candidate’s experience with given programming language and a company’s interest in interviewing them for a position. It specifically looks at the number of interview requests a software engineer on Hired received during their time on the marketplace (an average of 2-6 weeks).

Most In-Demand Coding Languages Across the Globe

During the time a candidate’s profile was live on the marketplace (an average of 2-6 weeks).

In the San Francisco Bay Area, Toronto, and London the data shows another story: TypeScript inches ahead of Go, Scala, and Ruby to earn a spot as the top in-demand programming language in those markets. New York employers favor Ruby above all the rest. R, however, is consistently the least in-demand across all markets.

Most In-Demand Coding Languages by Market