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It’s true: companies are only as successful as their people. And in order to attract the best and brightest, today’s innovative companies need a strong employer brand. A positive brand reputation can mean the difference between a company maintaining an all-star team and consistently losing dream candidates to a competitor.

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    80% of tech workers would leave their current job for another one with a higer base salary

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    59% of tech workers would leave their current job for another one with new challenges and problems to solve

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    45% of candidates would not want to work for an organization if they were not interested in their company mission

Emerging Trends in Employer Branding

How to invest your resources in 2020

Local Leaders in New York City

Top 20 Employer Brands

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  1. Vimeo
  2. Bloomberg
  3. Squarespace
  4. New York Times
  5. WeWork
  6. Etsy
  7. Kickstarter
  8. American Express
  9. NBCUniversal
  10. Goldman Sachs
  12. BuzzFeed
  13. MongoDB
  14. Equinox
  15. Warby Parker
  16. Peloton
  17. Tumblr
  18. Compass
  19. Flatiron Health
  20. Conde Nast

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Getting to know knowledge workers in New York City

What talent looks for in a company
  1. Compensation (i.e. base salary)
  2. Opportunity to learn new skills
  3. Company culture
What turns talent off from a company
  1. Not interested in the product
  2. Not interested in the mission
  3. Not knowing enough about the company

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Wage Gap: Pay Trends in New York City

New York City is slowly closing their wage gap

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Distribution of the Wage Gap

60% of the time men are offered higher salaries than women for the same job at the same company and companies offer women 3% less on average than men for the same roles.

Frequence of roles Wage Gap
  • Job offers made to women that were less than job offers made to men
  • Job offers made to women that more or equal less than job offers made to men

Wage Gap in New York City

In 2019, our data shows that women working in San Francisco are offered 6% less than men in a similar roles.

  • Expectation gap
  • Wage gap

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Knowledge is power

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Strategies for equitable tech hiring

How companies can battle wage inequality

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“Hired has been helpful in speeding up the process. The only thing that slows our team down is the speed with which we can put candidates through the process on our side. We’ve got down to about 35 days to hire, from first engagement to acceptance—and we’re hiring for the hardest-to-fill roles with the hardest-to-find skills.”
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“At our size, we're still growing and figuring out where we are in the market, and for the right person, that is an exciting opportunity...Results have shown us that Hired tends to attract a higher quality of candidate. We really love talking to people that have come through the platform.”
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New York Salary Trends for Software Engineers

The average salary of local tech workers in New York has been on a steady rise. Between 2017 and 2015, the average paycheck grew by 6.6%, from $121,000 to $129,000. It continued its upward trend, increasing by an additional 3% over the next 12 months. Zooming out, the average paycheck grew by almost 10% across a four-year period. In 2018, the average tech worker salary stood at $133,000 more than twice the U.S median household income for the year ($63,179) and over twice the median household income in New York for 2017 ($64,894). Some of the top tech positions included jobs with roles that called for product designers, product managers, software engineers, and data scientists. While salaries remain a firm factor, a positive brand reputation has also become important. When asked, eight out of 10 New York tech workers said they would switch jobs for another that offered a higher salary. However, nearly half would hesitate to join a company if they did not buy into the company’s mission. Conversely, more than 55% of tech workers would still switch jobs, even if it offered new challenges and problems to solve.

Top Brands Hiring Software Engineers in New York

When asked to choose the company they’d most like to work for based on compensation and company culture, local New York tech workers voted Vimeo into the top spot. Finance and media company, Bloomberg Inc ranked second while the SaaS-based company, Squarespace was ranked third. The New York Times was ranked the fourth most appealing employer brand, ahead of WeWork and the eCommerce company, Etsy. Kickstarter ranked seventh, followed by American Express and NBCUniversal. Rounding out the top 10 was the investment and financial services company, Goldman Sachs., owned by parent company Walmart, was voted the 11th most appealing brand, ahead of the media and entertainment company, Buzzfeed. MongoDB was placed in the 13th spot while Equinox and Warby Parker made up the rest of the top 15. Headquartered in New York, Peloton was ranked 16th while Tumblr and Compass made up the next two spots. Closing off the Top-20 list were the companies, Flatiron Health and the global media company, Condé Nast. While salaries were still a major factor in choosing jobs, tech workers also showed a preference for companies that gave them the opportunity to learn new skills. Companies with a weak reputation or weak brand were more likely to find it difficult attracting top local talent.

Most In-Demand Software Engineering Skills in New York

Home to one of the fastest tech industries in the country, New York’s tech sector has become a wellspring of jobs for tech workers and software engineers. Some roles offered better prospects than others. Topping the list of most in-demand jobs for the year were skilled gaming engineers capable of developing and designing gaming programs for different platforms. This was followed by the increased demand for skilled blockchain engineers capable of implementing digital solutions and working with blockchain platforms. Also included in the list of trending jobs were offers for backend engineers and full-stack engineers. The demand for skilled mobile engineers also increased, as more companies made the smart move to leverage mobile technology for their business. Many of the top jobs reflected a preference for candidates skilled with Ruby. Google’s Go continued its surge in popularity, featuring as the second most popular coding skill followed by Objective-C, an essential language used by software developers working with Apple’s iOS or OS X. Proficiency with JavaScript, a core required for most front end developer positions, ranked fourth on trending skills, while strong PHP coding skills and knowledge of PHP web frameworks—a requirement for many full-stack and backend engineering positions—trended fifth.

New York Pay Gap Trends

Driven by multiple factors, New York’s pay gap has narrowed, improving to 8%. Glimmers of progress were recorded across different areas and job roles. The wage gap shrunk in almost every major category and with almost all age groups. Data shows that in addition to companies interviewing more female candidates, an increased percentage of women now request for more. In 2019, women were offered equal or higher salaries than men for the same job at the same company 40% of the time*. The pay-gap trend varied with different jobs. On average, women working in product management roles made more money compared to men in the same roles. However, men working in software engineering and data analytics roles still earned more. The wage gap was widest for tech workers starting out in DevOps or design.

*Tech workers can help close the gap by referencing high-quality salary data to know their worth and ask for it.