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It’s true: companies are only as successful as their people. And in order to attract the best and brightest, today’s innovative companies need a strong employer brand. A positive brand reputation can mean the difference between a company maintaining an all-star team and consistently losing dream candidates to a competitor.

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    75% of tech workers would engage with a company that reaches out about a job if they shared salary range upfront

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    43% of candidates consider company culture one of the most important factors when job searching

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    49% of tech workers would take a reruiter's call if the company showcased benefits and perks

Emerging Trends in Employer Branding

How to invest your resources in 2020

Local Leaders in Los Angeles

Top 20 Employer Brands

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  1. SpaceX
  2. Hulu
  3. The Walt Disney Company
  4. Warner Bros
  5. Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  6. Blizzard Entertainment
  7. Fox Entertainment
  8. Virgin Galactic
  9. Snap
  10. Riot Games
  11. Virgin Hyperloop One
  12. TicketMaster
  13. LiveNation
  14. Tinder
  15. Headspace
  16. BIRD
  17. Pluto TV
  18. BCG Digital Ventures
  19. sweetgreen
  20. Cornerstone OnDemand

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Getting to know knowledge workers in Los Angeles

What talent looks for in a company
  1. Compensation (i.e. base salary)
  2. Company culture
  3. Opportunity to learn new skills
What turns talent off from a company
  1. Not interested in the product
  2. Poor reputation
  3. Not knowing enough about the company

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Wage Gap: Pay Trends in Los Angeles

Women in Los Angeles ask for eight percent less on average than their male counterparts; they are also offered eight percent less on average by companies.

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Distribution of the Wage Gap

60% of the time men are offered higher salaries than women for the same job at the same company and companies offer women 3% less on average than men for the same roles.

Frequence of roles Wage Gap
  • Job offers made to women that were less than job offers made to men
  • Job offers made to women that more or equal less than job offers made to men

Wage Gap in Los Angeles

  • Expectation Gap
  • Wage gap

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Strategies for equitable tech hiring

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Los Angeles Salary Trends for Software Engineers

Home to one of the largest concentration of tech workers on the West Coast, Los Angeles is a major tech hub as evidenced by the rising income. Between 2015 and 2016, the average salary for tech workers grew by 3.3%, increasing from $118,000 to $122,000. By 2018, the average paycheck was up by nearly 5% across a 24-month period. Put into perspective, Los Angeles tech workers, including product designers, software engineers, and data scientists, earned an average of $128,000 in 2018—more than twice the median household income ($61,937) and over 70% more than California’s 2017 household income ($71,805). While undoubtedly important, salaries weren’t the only factor that influenced job decisions. Four out of 10 candidates considered company culture to be one of the most important factors when searching for a job. Nearly half the local pool indicated they would be more willing to take recruitment calls from companies that immediately showcased benefits and perks. And employers were more likely to find success with 75% of tech workers if the job offer included an upfront salary range.

Top Brands Hiring Software Engineers in Los Angeles

In a survey, where local tech workers were asked to choose the company they would most like to work with, aerospace giants, SpaceX lead the list of top employer brands. Hulu ranked second, while its parent company, Walt Disney, was ranked the third most appealing local brand just ahead of Warner Bros. Jet Propulsion Laboratory was ranked fifth followed by video game developer Blizzard Entertainment. Fox Entertainment, acquired by Walt Disney in 2019, ranked seventh, ahead of Virgin Galactic, Snap and video game publishers, Riot Games. Virgin Hyperloop One ranked 11th on the list of appealing employers, next to TicketMaster, LiveNation, and the social search company, Tinder. Headspace, an online healthcare company featured in the 15th spot, ahead of the electric scooter company, Bird. Also included in the list were Pluto TV (owned by ViacomCBS), BCG Digital Ventures and the restaurant chain, Sweetgreen. Rounding out the top 20 list was the cloud computing company, Cornerstone OnDemand. In reaching a decision, local tech workers considered different factors, such as the base compensation, the culture of each company, and the company product.

Most In-Demand Software Engineering Skills in Los Angeles

While the job outlook for software engineers has been bright, tech workers with back-end engineering skills remained the most sought after in Los Angeles. This included developers capable of creating coding and improving databases and server-side applications. Job positions that required developers with full-stack skills were the second most popular. Employers also searched for local software developers with a wide suite of front end engineering skills, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery. Also included in the top five trending skills were developers with proven experience and skill in data engineering. Overall, software developers capable of working with multiple programming languages had wider employment options. Proficiency in Scala was the top recurring requirement in most job offers. Ruby ranked second on the list of desirable coding skills while Kotlin was ranked third. Software coders capable of writing clean, efficient code in C# were also in large demand, driven in part by the increased urgency for gaming engineers, mobile developers, and blockchain engineers.

Los Angeles Pay Gap Trends

While it still exists, the wage gap between male and female tech workers has narrowed over the years. In 2018, women were offered 10% less on average compared to male candidates by companies. But by 2019, the wage gap in the tech industry had narrowed to 8%. Women on average earn 84 cents for every dollar men made. Women were also offered equal or higher salaries for the same job at the same company nearly 40% of the time.* Salaries weren’t the only recorded change as the industry welcomed a shift in the approach taken by employers and workers. More companies championed diversity programs designed to encourage women to apply and more than 70% of male tech workers acknowledged that a gender pay gap existed. In addition, an increased number of women took action when they realized they were earning less than their peers. More than 25% of women approached their manager to discuss salaries while over 30% began searching for new jobs. Some positions trended better than others when it came to gender distribution. Women were equally represented in product management and design roles but were outnumbered by men in DevOps, software engineering and data analytics jobs.

*Tech workers can help close the gap by referencing high-quality salary data to know their worth and ask for it.