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An all-in-one hiring solution designed for your growing business’ needs.

Save 20% as an AWS customer

Reduce your hours spent sourcing and assessing talent with Hired Basic and Hired Assessments, together in a cost-saving bundle, just for AWS customers


Hired Basic gives you access to our steady pipeline of high quality, high intent tech talent, with a fixed pay-per-hire rate.

Predictable pipeline of top tech talent

Hired candidates are high quality talent who are intelligently matched to your unique preferences based on their skills and what they are looking for in a new job


Efficiency throughout the recruiting process

Reduce your time to hire with collaboration and workflow tools and by focusing on candidates who are actively searching for a new job


Insights to optimize the candidate experience

Gain visibility into salary preferences so you can make the best offer, know who else your candidates are talking to, and stay ahead of your goals with hiring metrics

Hiring and talent planning is strategic for us and plays a key role in our business strategy here at Medium. That’s why Hired’s dependable pipeline of tech talent coupled with technical assessments has been instrumental in transforming our hiring process, making it predictable, measurable and efficient.
Brian Zotter
Head of Product Engineering, Medium

Hired Assessments is a technical evaluation tool that allows you to identify better tech talent, faster.

Save engineering hours

Replace initial live technical phone screens with automated technical assessments for all your candidates. Better assess candidates in real time with more support for front-end frameworks


Reduce hiring bias

Standardize your evaluation processes and reduce hiring bias with relevant, valuable and consistent questions that raise your hiring bar


Scale your evaluation processes

Build standard assessments from a library of questions you won’t find anywhere else

Surface top performers in real time

Benchmark and score candidates to easily surface top performers with on-demand advanced analytics and insights

How it works

Evaluate candidates and skip the phone screen

Create one from a template

Choose from our library of 250+ questions for specific roles and experience levels

Steamline and save time

Receive automatically graded candidate reports and keystroke playback for easy code reviewing

Assess candidates in real time

Work collaboratively and interview a candidate in real time over a live screen call

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