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It’s true: companies are only as successful as their people. And in order to attract the best and brightest, today’s innovative companies need a strong employer brand. A positive brand reputation can mean the difference between a company maintaining an all-star team and consistently losing dream candidates to a competitor.

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    77% of tech workers are interested in working 100% remotely

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    91% of candidates hear about company announcements and initiatives through LinkedIn

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    33% of tech workers consider flexibility to work remotely one of the most important factors when job searching

Emerging Trends in Employer Branding

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Local Leaders in Dallas

Top 20 Employer Brands

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  1. Toyota North America
  2. Southwest Airlines
  3. American Airlines
  4. Texas Instruments
  5. AT&T
  6. Hitachi Consulting Corp
  7. Topgolf
  8. Sabre
  9. Neiman Marcus
  10. Siemens Digital Industries Software
  11. Match.com
  12. Six Flags
  13. JCPenny
  14. Alkami
  15. Elevate
  16. Belo + Company
  17. Event Dynamic
  18. PMG
  19. Firefly Systems
  20. Geoforce

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Getting to know knowledge workers in Dallas

What talent looks for in a company
  1. Compensation (i.e. base salary)
  2. Opportunity to learn new skills
  3. Company culture
What turns talent off from a company
  1. Not knowing enough about the company
  2. Poor reputation
  3. Not interested in the product

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Dallas Salary Trends for Software Engineers

With more companies pushing for tech workers to fill available positions, the average salary for tech workers in Dallas has been on a steady rise. In 2018, tech workers earned an average salary of $115,184. The income for software developers, data analysts, and product managers ranged from a low of $85,000 to a high of $160,000. The median salary was $115,000 almost twice the median household income in the US and more than the median income for the state. While salaries still remain a major factor, tech workers now consider other factors when searching for jobs. 8 out of 10 tech workers expressed an interest in working 100% remotely, while 3 out of 10 considered the option of telecommuting to be one of the most important factors in a job search. Tech workers were more willing to work for companies that offered opportunities for growth. The local workforce also relied more on blogs and professional networking to keep track of emerging job offers. 9 out of 10 candidates hear about company announcements and initiatives through LinkedIn.

Top Brands Hiring Software Engineers in Dallas

Asked to choose which company they’d most like to work for, local Dallas tech talent picked Toyota Motor North America as the leading employer brand. Airline companies also featured high on the leaderboard. Southwest Airlines ranked second just ahead of American Airlines. Texas Instruments was ranked fourth while AT&T was placed in the fifth spot. Hitachi Consulting Corp (a subsidiary of the parent corporation, Hitachi) was ranked sixth while TopGolf, Sabre, Neiman Marcus featured in the seventh, eighth, and ninth positions. Working at Siemens Digital Industries Software was voted the tenth most appealing option. Just edging the top 10, the online dating service, Match.com was voted 11th, while the amusement park corporation and department store chain, Six Flags and JC Penny placed 12th and 13th. Featured in the 14th position was the digital solutions company, Alkami ahead of Elevate. The digital marketing agency, Belo + Company placed 16th on the top-20 local leaderboard followed by Even Dynamic, PMG, Firefly Systems and Geoforce. Local candidates based their decision on the company culture, company product and the base salary offered by each company.

Most In-Demand Software Engineering Skills in Dallas

Home to a thriving tech industry catalyzed by a surge in startups and a steady supply of local talents from local universities, Dallas offers a lot of employment opportunities for software engineers. The city’s relatively low housing cost compared to income levels has made Dallas a business-friendly pick for software developers. Some job roles offered more than others. Data infrastructure managers topped the list of highest paying tech roles, followed by machine learning managers and mobile engineering manager. A large percentage of job openings offered roles that could be filled by full-stack and back end engineers. Data engineers and mobile engineers were also a top trending job pick. Some languages offered better job opportunities than others. Software developers proficient in Objective-C were in high demand. Employers also searched for software engineers who were experienced with C#. Python continued its explosive rise in popularity, especially within the web, enterprise, and embedded programming landscapes. Software engineers capable of coding with Java were also in high demand, as well as programmers capable of writing clean codes with Scala.

Dallas Pay Gap Trends

Although wage inequality still persists in Dallas, it has narrowed over the years. With tech companies interviewing more women and more female tech workers asking for salaries that match their worth, the pay gap has improved. Hiring surveys show that women are offered equal or higher salaries nearly 40% of the time*. Plus, women who learn of pay discrepancies take action at a higher rate than men. Three out of 10 women took steps to find a new job elsewhere while more than 25% approached management to discuss a pay review. Wage inequality was more defined in some tech roles compared to others. For instance, while women working in product development earned similar or higher salaries than men early in their careers, the wage gap for entry DevOp positions was as wide as 12%. Gender distribution played a key role. While women were evenly represented in areas like product management and design, fields like DevOps, data analytics and software engineers recorded a larger percentage of male tech workers.

*Tech workers can help close the gap by referencing high-quality salary data to know their worth and ask for it.