Work the way You Want

Build your career on your terms through contract opportunities with forward-thinking companies

Diverse opportunities

Compare transparent offers from companies looking for people to make an impact on their most compelling projects.

The power of choice

Pursue the opportunity that fits your goals — and breathe freely knowing your next gig is just a few clicks away.

Take the stress out of your search

Everything you love about Hired, with special expertise in connecting you with opportunities beyond the traditional 9-to-5

One profile

A single Hired profile can unlock both full-time and contract opportunities.

Free career coaching

Polish your portfolio, sharpen your interview skills, and land your dream project.

Fast start time

Take control of your contract workload with a streamlined process that helps you start new projects in under one week.


Hide your profile from past and current employers — or stay visible to companies you’d be happy to work with again.

Forget the paperwork

When you accept an offer from a new employer, we take care of the paperwork — so you can focus on getting started in your new project.

Easy onboarding

Skip the back-and-forth by letting us set up your tax classification, contract, and payroll for you.

Benefits and support

We offer independent workers a comprehensive benefits plan, including medical, dental, short-term disability and life insurance.
Get paid

Get Paid with peace of mind

Take home 100% of the salary you agree upon with your new employer — always. We manage the payroll, so you always get paid on time.

Easy timecards

Fill out your weekly timecards in a jiffy from wherever you are on our mobile app — with guaranteed approval within 48 hours.

Candidate bonus

Hired is free for talent. Plus, you earn a $300 hiring bonus when you complete 500 hours at your new gig or go contract-to-hire!
Get paid

Personally liberating professionally rewarding

Join thousands of people who choose when and where they work through Hired

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get hired as a contractor on Hired?

Getting hired as a contractor on Hired is just as easy and stress-free as finding permanent opportunities — but even faster! After you create your profile and go live on Hired, you can compare employers’ interview requests and compensation offers side-by-side and move forward with the opportunities that are the right fit for your goals and interests. Companies tend to move faster with contract hiring, so you may get hired in under 7 days.

What type of work can I find as a contractor on Hired?

We empower a variety of developers, product managers, and designers to find the right fit. Our employers hire a mix of full-time, part-time, contract, remote and contract-to-hire professionals. If you receive a full-time offer but would prefer to work on contract, we encourage you to have that conversation with your potential employer!

Does Hired take a percentage of my pay?

Never! Hired is always free for candidates like you — and you take home 100% of the compensation that you agree upon with your new employer. Our simple time card and direct deposit process ensures you get paid correctly and on time, every time.

When do I receive my Hired bonus?

If you get hired for a contractor role through Hired, you are eligible for a $300 bonus — our way of saying thank you for choosing us to find your next opportunity! You will receive your bonus after completing 500 hours in your new role or converting to a permanent employee — whichever comes first!