To democratise access to the advanced learning technologies so that every teacher, student and parent has affordable access to the best learning technology on the planet.

Founded 2013
16-50 employees
  • Education
  • Headquarters address
    90 London Road, SE1 6LN, London, UK

    About Zzish

    Zzish is a global educational technology hub. We connect teachers to verified useful educational apps and activities. Allowing them to use app-based learning activities, easily within the classroom.

    In just a few hours developers within education can have worldwide distribution, in-app task assignment and world class dashboards where teachers can track and evaluate their pupils! Developers can easily connect their app with our SDKs and create a seamless user experience between the app and the all-knowing Dashboards! We are all for equal opportunities, so we have created a large selection of kits that will integrate with the major players.

    We share a passion for building a world in which every teacher uses apps in the classroom to transform learning for students everywhere. Our goal is to bridge the gap between technology and the classroom.

    Founded by Charles Wiles, Google's first ever tech hire outside the US, we have a talented and enthusiastic team who are building and scaling a deep technology platform for education apps. We call our dashboards a 'virtual teaching assistant', letting the teacher know exactly who needs help, and what they need help with. Now, our Quizalize application turns dull assessments into fun classroom games that millions of students love. Soon, our technology will use AI to make sophisticated recommendations on which content and which apps work best to help students learn.

    Why now?

    This is a pivotal time in our growth. Year on year we have doubled in size, we have successfully secured 3 rounds of funding and we have teachers and clients in 120 countries seeing meaningful results from our product.

    This year, our tech team will be focused on building out our app platform from implementing our new APIs for developers to integrate with Zzish to integrating third party apps into the platform, supporting this effort by adding two or three lightweight apps that we will build in house. We will then aim to deliver a prototype of district dashboards in the second half of the year.

    The tech:

    Our apps are built on top of our GraphQL API (implemented in Node.js) and lean heavily on open source tech. We look for developers who have proven experience in the following fields with knowledge of scaling and optimising webapps

    1. Developing Node.js server applications (Express framework)
    2. Working with NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Couchbase, DynamoDB)
    3. Working with Elasticsearch
    4. Designing and implementing REST APIs
    5. High-scale and efficient Javascript development best practices
    6. Working with version control systems (Git is preferred)

    1. Working with React and Node
    2. Post CSS, Webpack and ES6

    We are building a team of passionate pioneers who will all have an impact on our success.

    Tech stack

    Node.js server applications, React, React Native, Graph QL, Docker, AWS, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, AWS,
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