Zinc Inc.

Real-Time communications for real-time businesses.

Founded 2013
16-50 employees
  • Digital Communication
  • Headquarters address
    55 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA
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    About Zinc

    The Deskless Divide

    When information flows freely up, down, and across an organization, results happen. Desk workers have a multitude of business chat apps and collaboration tools to choose from. But deskless workers, who represent 72% of the workforce, are resistant to tools that don’t address their specific needs. Despite technology innovation, most business instant messaging apps apply to limited use-cases or are too complex for the fast-paced needs of frontline workers. Employee frustration leads to lack of adoption, poor communication, or in many cases, the use of non-compliant consumer apps that lack the necessary security and administrative capabilities. The result? Organizations suffer from disconnected employees and decreased efficiency.

    To drive productivity, companies tend to focus on optimizing workflow or day-to-day processes, as well as capturing information and creating knowledge systems that inform and educate the workforce. Organizations spend countless hours fine tuning these workflow and knowledge systems, but the missing link that significantly impacts metrics for deskless workforces is communication.

    Real-time communication is the invisible factor that runs through many organizations, essentially “greasing the wheels” between workflow and knowledge so operations run more efficiently. When companies equip employees with communication, when and how they need it, the impact is significant and immediate. Unanswered questions that cause a job to be rescheduled can now be answered in seconds. New procedures once buried in a knowledge-base or content system are now accessed immediately.

    Streamlined communication and instant access to relevant information reverberates through the organization, driving up the collective knowledge of the organization, improving productivity and creating a culture of connectivity. Employees feel supported, valued and connected to the larger organization, and they have the real-time information they need to succeed.

    Enter Zinc

    Zinc is the only All Mode Communication Platform purpose-built for deskless industries to drive business results. With Zinc, it’s simple to broadcast important or time-sensitive information to the entire company, facilitate connections among field employees, and get visibility into what’s happening on the front lines. Integrations with workflow systems like ServiceMax and Salesforce mean conversations take place in the context of the tasks employees are working on. Content-related integrations with stores like DropBox, Sharepoint, and Google Drive mean information can be searched and shared in seconds, without ever leaving Zinc.

    By combining all modes of communication in one dead-simple, mobile-first app that works across all mobile devices and desktops, and ensuring the necessary compliance, security, and central administration, Zinc gives organizations a communication platform to meet company-wide initiatives and goals.

    Unique Communication Capabilities

    Unlike other team chat apps, Zinc expands beyond peer to peer messaging using every communication mode: Messaging, Voice, Video, Content Sharing, Push to Talk and Top-Down Broadcasts. Application integrations take this a step further, combining chat software for business with remote team collaboration software to provide an entirely unique experience. Deskless teams in every organization need real-time communication to be successful, and even more, they need to easily communicate with their colleagues at the office.

    Life at Zinc

    At Zinc, we live our mission and know that a strong culture and passionate team who works together are key ingredients for both job satisfaction and company success. We use our product every day to make this happen. We believe in giving employees the autonomy to do what they do best, while offering opportunities to continuously learn and grow. We lean on each other, collaborate across teams, and feel a lot like family. We also understand the importance of having passions outside of work, and offer the flexibility to do so. Most importantly, we love what we do and are inspired by our mission to put modern, mobile communication into the hands of deskless workers.

    Values We Live By

    We believe a strong culture drives performance. We live by our values every day.

    • We turn customers into raving fans.
    • We are confident in our value, but never arrogant.
    • We constantly seek input.
    • Our families like that we work here as much as we do.
    • We operate with empathy and respect for everyone.
    • We are authentic, direct, and transparent.
    • We constantly look for opportunities.
    • We don’t do it the way it’s always been done.
    • We are brave, we take risks together, and learn from failures together.
    • We lead, not follow.

    Tech stack

    AWS Virtual Private Cloud, PostgreSQL, and Redis, Ruby on Rails supported by custom services built in Go, Backbone and Marionette, iOS: CocoaPods and Kiwi, Android: Gradle and Robolectric


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    Values and quality of life

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    Zinc Inc. - Company Photo
    Zinc Inc. - Company Photo
    Zinc Inc. - Company Photo
    Zinc Inc. - Company Photo