We're building the future of designer collaboration

  • Founded 2015
  • 1-15 Employees
  • 0-5 Engineers
  • Information Tech

About zeroheight

zeroheight keeps design teams in sync by enabling them to easily build style guides and re-use common design elements. We're finally giving designers the same kind of powers developers get from git + GitHub. Thanks to a strong engineering background and backing from world-class investors, we're building the infrastructure designers need to work together at scale.

We also bake cakes on Friday.


Robin and Jerome met each other at Bloomberg, where they used to work together as software engineers. At Bloomberg, they saw that their design team didn't have the tools they needed to collaborate efficiently. Being engineers, they decided to quit and build a solution :) In order to get some advice from people that had done this before, they joined the Entrepreneur First incubator in London and spent the first few months going for coffee with designers, to gain a deep understanding of the space.

Fast-forward one year, and zeroheight is in a pretty exciting place — seed-funded, developing the product with the best design teams in London, and looking for passionate software engineers to join the adventure!

Interview Process

We try and keep it as short and sweet as possible, whilst testing programming skills in a real-world context i.e. one where you can Google stuff and use stackoverflow :)

  1. a chat over the phone/Skype
  2. a programming exercise to do at home (2-5 hours)
  3. half a day at the office with us for some more programming and a tasty lunch (5 hours)
zeroheight -
zeroheight by NIGHT
zeroheight - zeroheight by NIGHT
zeroheight by DAY
zeroheight - zeroheight by DAY
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Tech Stack
  • JavaScript
  • BackboneJS
  • Marionette
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Linux

  • Flexible working hours / working remotely when you need to
  • We bake cakes on Fridays. No really...
  • Celebrating small wins at the best burger joints in London
  • We blast Britney Spears in the office every now and again
  • Note: you have to be eligible to work in the UK

  • Entrepreneur First
  • Ascension Ventures
  • London Co-Investment Fund
  • London Business Angels

  • Entrepreneur First
  • Ascension Ventures
  • London Co-Investment Fund
  • London Business Angels