Zeal's crushes the cost of tutoring so that every student can have a personal math coach.

Founded 2013
1-15 employees
  • Education
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    330 Townsend #133, San Francisco CA 94107

    Zeal is John Danner's third startup. His first was NetGravity in adtech which he IPO'd and sold. He taught for three years in district schools before starting his second company, Rocketship Education, low-income schools in 5 states serving 6500 students. Zeal solves a problem they had at Rocketship. Tutoring was by far the most effective education intervention but too expensive. Zeal has crushed the cost of math tutoring, offering annual subscriptions to schools for $25 per year per student. We are serving 25,000 students, closing in on $1M ARR and will be cash flow positive this year. We have good funding from Mitch Kapor, Reach Capital, Foundation Capital and others. We are entering the home tutoring market over the next few months and are adding a generalist who can own a big chunk of our product and get things done.

    We try hard to make Zeal a great place to write code. Our stack is Angular/Node and everyone on the team is full stack. As a two pizza team, we sit down every Monday with one or two problems we need to solve. We discuss them with the whole team and then devs sign up for what they want to work on. Sometimes devs do things they've done a lot and sometimes they try new areas of the product. We want everyone to have exposure to the whole product, even if they go deep in certain areas.

    We also have fun. We bring lunch in and eat together every day. We have happy hour on Fridays, play poker once a month, and mix in some ping pong at Spin. Having a small team makes it important that people get along, hold each other accountable, and love the mission. Our devs have a lot of product ownership and impact is important to them.

    If the same is true for you, and if the mission of education speaks to you, Zeal could be a good fit.

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