Wizr, LLC

Make the world a safer place by performing real time analytics on security cameras.

Founded 2015
1-15 employees
  • Cybersecurity
  • Headquarters address
    301 Arizona Ave

    Here at WiZR we are building an advanced AI Analytics System for all security cameras.

    We have created an "Edge Device" that allows us to pull in a camera feed from any IP camera, perform real time (down to ms) analytics detecting objects, people, etc.

    After performing the analytics at the edge, we send the metadata to the cloud where a user can manage all their cameras, locations, edge devices and more.

    We have also built a full incident management platform where "911" type operating centers can monitor incidents as they occur and act accordingly.

    We are looking for engineers that can help build and expand our business. We have very large customers/partners and we need to be able to scale and grow our environment accordingly.

    Tech stack

    NodeJS, ReactJS, TeamCity, GitLab, Vagrant, Docker, C++, TensorFlow, AWS, MySQL, Cassandra, ElasticSearch, IP Cameras, Sensor Integrations


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