The destination to compare and send money across borders to friends or family.

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About WireCash

WireCash is an impact-driven company.

WireCash is the online marketplace for international money transfers. WireCash works with licensed money transfer companies, offering their services online. Customers can search, compare and send money with multiple money transfer companies directly through the WireCash marketplace. (Think: The experience Expedia created for purchasing airline tickets online)

We exist to serve the millions of immigrants who send more than $120 billion/year back home to support family abroad.

WireCash empowers customers with the freedom and transparency to select between convenient and cost-effective options when sending money online. The overwhelming majority of money transfers are completed offline in cash from physical stores. We work closely with existing money transfer companies and customers to help transition this vital industry online.

We're excited to bring our marketplace and a delightful experience to customers so they can save time while keeping more money in their pocket, and/or send more money to impact their family.

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Tech Stack
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  • Angular
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  • Play...etc

  • We're a small team focused on productivity
  • not punching a clock. We want to provide you with the tools and resources to make an impact. The beach view is nice too :).

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