Winddle Inc,

Winddle offers an agile solution for retailers to improve their time to market and build lasting trust relationships with their partners.

Founded 2013
1-15 employees
  • Platform
  • Headquarters address
    Paris 10, 32 rue de Paradis

    How did we get here?

    Winddle started almost 5 years ago in Shanghai, China with a simple idea: buyers spend a lot of time sending emails to suppliers and other partners to ask their for updates and then use that info to update their own tracking excel files. Behind every 50 column excel file is hiding a great business opportunity, so we started the journey.

    Turns out, there are many reasons the excel file was still the best tool around. It took us a while to really grasp what was at stake, and after 3 years of iterating, building POC with early adopters and really, going 3 steps forward 1 back a dozen of times, we reached a milestone, in Summer 2016 - a customer we were truly helping, using the product as intended. Success!

    This journey got us to discover that this market is really ripe for disruption, and truth be told, we aren't the only ones who started to take notice. The supply chain is currently buzzing with ideas and new solutions, and in quite a few areas, we are ahead of the pack!

    Where are we going?

    Our main focus for the next few month will be to build the core team and start moving up from being a start-up, to being a leader on the French market, and then beyond.

    We love Winddle, but we aren't blind to its shortcomings. The product roadmap is large, but it is focused. Product/tech wise, this is now a matter of proceeding calmly, efficiently to scale the solution for handling 10, 100x more traffic & data volume, refining (or rewriting!) key parts which are still in their V0 now that have enough maturity to see where we need to go and finally, make sure Winddle isn't just a technical marvel, but also a really great experience for our end-users, with a polished on-boarding, clean and consistent UX and last but not least, a beautiful UI so that buyers, suppliers, forwarders, quality inspectors and other partners get a chance to escape for a bit from their dull Excel, old school ERP GUI or cold & green mainframe screens and have a more productive and enjoyable day.

    Winddle Tech Team Core Values

    • Quality over quantity, simplicity over magic
    • Maturity over novelty, fun over hype
    • Nobody is an expert, always something to learn
    • Nothing was made without a reason - understanding before judging
    • When in doubt, ask for a second opinion
    • It's OK to rip off from the Agile Manifesto, it's not OK to stand for 15 min everyday because a book said so.

    Tech stack

    Rails, Ruby, CoffeeScript, VanillaJS, Backbone, VueJS, Mysql, AWS, DigitalOcean, ELK, TeamCity, Sensu, git


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