Helping brands in dining, retail and entertainment increase revenues through instant, personalised, digital engagement

Founded 2017
16-50 employees
  • Digital Payments
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Leisure, Travel, & Hospitality
  • Digital Communication
  • Headquarters address
    The Ministry, 79-81 Borough Rd, London SE1 1DN

    Wi5 gets customers ordering and paying on mobile in-venue, with no apps required. Piggybacking existing Wi-Fi, the Wi5 platform delivers an instantly gratifying and frictionless app-like mobile experience without the need for any native apps, other downloads or a cumbersome login process - helping businesses from quick service restaurants to stadiums and arenas decrease queues and increase sales.

    Our platform's a cloud-based solution, enabling frictionless access to location-based branded content and functionality through commercial Wi-Fi hotspots. App-like experiences without the apps!

    We are big fans of serverless and message-driven infrastructures, which we deploy in AWS, although we're looking at using Google Cloud Engine for specific cases. Our APIs and micro-services are serverless and deployed on Lambda and API Gateway.

    We love immutable infrastructures and infrastructure-as-code, using Terraform and the Serverless framework on all of our projects.

    On the front-end we use the most modern Javascript framework such as VueJS. We do use Javascript on the backend as well, through Ruby and some NodeJS, though for the right use case we're very keen on Go.

    When we can't go serverless, we love Docker and we would manage our compute pool with ECS or a managed version of Kubernetes.

    All our projects have a strong CI / CD pipeline, for now running on CodePipeline but we're happy with whatever allows the most automation and efficiency.

    Tech stack

    vueJS, Node.js, webpack, AWS, Docker, Serverless, Terraform, JavaScript, Go, React.js, Lambda, sql, nosql, Ruby, Vb.net, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment, HTML, CSS, Unit Testing, Test Automation, Cypress, API, Web Applications


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    Wi5 - Company Photo
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