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  • Health Care Technology & Nursing
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    675 Avenue of the Americas

    About Weight Watchers

    Weight Watchers is an industry leader with a respected brand, world-class services, and a broad range of innovative products. But it’s our committed, talented people who help the business succeed on a daily basis.
    We are uniquely positioned to lead the way in the exciting Health Tech industry. With several million people logging in and using Weight Watchers’ Apps and systems we are modernizing and rebuilding most of our core experiences and embracing modern engineering practices and techniques. Our strategy is to compete in an increasingly digital weight loss market. Our innovative technology fundamentally improves the way people manage their weight, health and wellness. We are agile service oriented, data-driven, cloud enabled and efficient. We’ve built Simple UIs on Angular, micro services in Play/Scala & Node, moved our core data to Mongo and Cassandra and enhanced our mobile apps. As reliance on health and wellness awareness increases, come make an impact on a team that is leading the way!

    Tech stack

    Play/Scala, iOS, Android, Angular, Mongo, Cassandra, Node
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