Weengs changes the way small businesses ship their items, combining outstanding user experience with highly sophisticated logistics.

Founded 2015
16-50 employees
  • Consumer Mobile
  • Headquarters address
    260-266 York Way, London N7 9PQ, UK

    We're the definition of a promising, fun, fast-growing early-stage startup. We started two years ago as two guys in a London flat, shipped 6,000 boxes without getting kicked out (our neighbours love us), running operations during day and writing code during night. We're now funded by top-tier investors and operating through our own warehouse. We are assembling a rockstar team as we're heading towards our series A round.

    Since our start in 2015, customers have expressed their love with fan mail, we’ve been backed by top-tier investors and advisors from London and Berlin, and Apple’s App Store has featured us as one of the best on-demand apps. We have more demand than we can handle.

    Here’s how Weengs works: we collect unboxed items from our customers, bring them to our warehouse, package them carefully with our own materials, then ship them using major shipping carriers like Royal Mail, DPD, or DHL at the best available prices. We work with small businesses around London via our web app as well as with e-commerce platforms that have integrated with our system.

    We're interested only in engineers who want to be part of the success story of a startup, put their DNA in the product, start from writing the foundation codebase and evolve together with the company, taking part in the major decisions about the product roadmap. We want people to own their field of responsibility, take decisions, be proactive, screw up things with pride and fix broken things with more pride. We trust the people we hire. For that reason, we only hire people who are better than us - and we're good!

    We want you if you like building well designed, well documented, well-tested software, if you want to see your talent growing together with a product from the early stage to a big-scale, if you want to be one of those that define the engineering culture of a team, and at the same time you feel comfortable with breaking things, applying temporary solutions, kill your favourite feature and do whatever needed to get to the next milestone.

    What we’re really looking for is someone who will love their job, and we’ll do our part to create an awesome and meaningful work environment that you’ll be proud to be a part of.

    Tech stack

    PHP, MySQL, nginx, Laravel, AWS