Webigence Ltd

Aiming to be the leading ASP.NET development company in London, blending great programming with great design, user experience and interactions to create amazing and innovative products.

Founded 2001
1-15 employees
  • Platform
  • Headquarters address
    51 St George's Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 4EA, UK

    Established in 2001 by Simon Wilkinson, Webigence has grown and now has a European office as well as the HQ in London.

    Simon started off as a programmer in the company so understands the developmental pressures and has good insight into best practice and project management strategies that work and don't work for us as a company.

    Webigence's vision is to deliver high quality products, platforms, systems, and applications that are sophisticated in functionality, user experience and design. We love the challenge of taking something complex and crafting it into something which is easy to use with this focus on quality and technology helping us to become one of the leading ASP.NET development companies in London.

    We look for the same passion and forward-thinking qualities in our employees and we are fortunate to have brought together a highly talented team through many years of searching and through high retention rates. We combine a good work ethic, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, flexible working and generally understanding both personal and work related issues that inevitably occur from time to time.

    We realise that we are only as good as the people who work for us, so we try to make sure we look after all our employees. All management staff are approachable and there is no really obstructive hierarchy within the company. If you think you have something special you can bring to Webigence as an employee and would like to work either here in London or our European office in Bratislava, please get in touch.

    Tech stack

    ASP.NET Core, EF Core, MVC 6, C#, SQL Server, MongoDB, jQuery, Angular 1&2, Xamarin


    Compensation and retirement

    Pension plan
    Webigence Ltd - Some of the Webigence ASP.NET developers having passed their Microsoft certifications.
    Webigence Ltd - The Webigence team, a friendly bunch of ASP.NET developers.
    Webigence Ltd - Collaborative working and sharing of ideas is always encouraged for problem solving at Webigence.
    Webigence Ltd - Webigence's management and team are friendly and approachable
    Webigence Ltd - Working together to problem solve complex coding issues.
    Webigence Ltd - Team lunch for employee's birthday.
    Webigence Ltd - ASP.NET developer at Webigence concentrating and producing good code.
    Webigence Ltd - Our developers have good vision!
    Webigence Ltd - Some light reading for our developers at Webigence.
    Webigence Ltd - Some of the Webigence team wearing Christmas jumpers for charity.
    Webigence Ltd - Webigence's 2015 Christmas party at HintHunt.
    Webigence Ltd - Webigence's 2014 Christmas party Go-Karting.
    Webigence Ltd - Webigence's 2014 Christmas meal at digital restaurant Inamo.
    Webigence Ltd - The Webigence creative UI designer.