We're building the world's first full-stack financial services API, from regulation to implementation.

  • Founded 2015
  • 1-15 Employees
  • 0-5 Engineers
  • Finance/Insurance

About Wealthkernel

In a nutshell

FCA Registered / part of the FCA Innovate Hub
A Seedcamp Company
~18 Months of runway / raising series A Q1 2017
Active customers / strong pipeline
Team size: 8

Our co-founders have two things in common (besides being huge nerds): extensive experience in and passion for financial markets, combined with frustration with current banking and investment operations. We've all been in the trenches, where the enterprise/supplier end of this market have outdated technology stacks and a profit-maximizing culture.

We're also dreamers and big thinkers. We've seen that other industries are flourishing with new ideas, finding innovative and creative ways to maximize the convenience and lower the costs to their end-clients. We're setting out to prove that there's no reason why the best qualities of tech companies can't exist in a financial services company.

One of our biggest priorities today is rectifying what many corporates (in particular in finance) have been doing wrong for so long. This means a lot of energy today is spent on building a strong culture and great development practices. This doesn't mean we just pick the latest buzzwords and apply them without thought. Rather, we discuss, have retrospectives, one-to-ones,. Remain open to new approaches as well as old ones.

Who you'll be joining

A team determined to drive the industry to a completely new destination and make a meaningful impact.

You don't need a background in Financial Services to jump on the bandwagon. What we do look for is: humility, design-thinking, dedication to high-quality work, an open-source mindset and above all, a fiery passion for challenging the status quo. We want you to work with us, not for us. As an early stage company, every team member needs the drive and leadership that is instrumental towards growing this business and spreading our cultural values. We empower all our members to take action and pull us forward in new directions. Most important of all, we firmly believe in a test and iterative approach, allowing data and customers to dictate which way we go.

The 'how we got started' bit

In 2015, we pitched our idea to the Seedcamp accelerator programme: we wanted to work with small and medium investment institutions (such as wealth advisors, challenger banks, and asset managers) to help them build co-branded web portals. They needed a solution to serve their customers digitally after Retail Distribution Review in 2012. After being accepted to the programme, we started WealthKernel.

Throughout the course of 2015, we progressed through our build and ran into some significant barriers, including complex regulation and unwelcoming custodians and suppliers. We learned that the status quo was operating at very low standards and required significant assets under management.

The obvious next step for us was starting an Enterprise SaaS Fintech company. We owed it to the community to eventually open up our platform to anyone with an idea and the determination to change finance for the better.

What we're up to now

We're building a solution to help the UK and EU mass affluent customers safely access quality financial advice, whether delivered to them by a human - we're big believers in cyborg technology - or a user-friendly web interface. Looking ahead, will with offer the first Full-stack Wealth management APIs to remove hefty industry barriers and help power a whole new generation of financial services. There are endless opportunities to reform this industry to one that genuinely works on behalf of its clients, in wealth management and beyond.

Interested in joining our team?

If you're applying for a job with us, make sure you mention the code word: "John Law" at the top of your cover letter.

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Tech Stack
  • AngularJS 1
  • C# .NET (4.6.1)
  • DocumentDB
  • Azure SQL
  • Cloud architecture (Azure)
  • hypermedia API using Nancy.Hal and Swagger
  • CI (TeamCity)
  • CD (Octopus Deploy)
  • Working towards TDD/BDD
  • 100% Peer reviewed code

  • Generous option package
  • remote working
  • experienced peers

  • Medical, Dental, & Vision Insurance Medical, Dental, & Vision Insurance

  • Seedcamp
  • LCIF
  • angels

  • Seedcamp
  • LCIF
  • angels