The world's fastest growing financial tool for small businesses.

Founded 2010
201-500 employees
  • Insurance
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Analytics & Business Information
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    235 Carlaw Ave #501, Toronto, ON M4M 2S1, Canada

    Making business better for entrepreneurs

    One-person businesses (freelancers, consultants, solo entrepreneurs) make up about 80% of businesses in North America. When you add in businesses with 1 to 9 employees, you're at 95% of businesses on the continent. That's roughly 30 million businesses in North America, and hundreds of millions around the world. And yet software developers focus on "medium" sized businesses or bigger (less than 5% of the market) when they create accounting and finance tools.

    In 2010, Wave's founders identified an incredible opportunity to finally build the right tools to help this massive and underserved market segment, and create an innovative and amazing tech company.

    Wave launched in November 2010, and is now the world's fastest growing financial tool for small business owners. Wave features free, unlimited accounting, invoicing, receipt scanning and personal finance, as well as affordably priced payroll and credit-card processing options. We get small business owners, which is why small business owners are getting on Wave.

    Come help us change the way millions of entrepreneurs do business.

    How we work

    Our culture is important to us, and making our company great is something we work on every day. To make sure we grow right, our values are painted right onto the walls to guide us. For fun, we've got an amazing rooftop deck with hammocks and a barbecue, we do video games on big screens, we do board game and movie nights, and more. For refreshment, we stock up on food, snacks, beer and pop. For professional development, we invest in mentorship, training, hack days and both short and long term growth.

    We value transparency so that everyone at Wave can understand our business and contribute to our success. Our "no bullshit" policy (it's written on the wall!) and our regular Town Hall/AMA meetings make sure every Waver can bring out the best in themselves and our company.

    Interviewing at Wave

    Multiple interviews over days or weeks - who needs them? At Wave, we respect you and your time. We have a concise interview process that takes 3 hours, and results in quick feedback to candidates. We strive to provide feedback and offers within 48 hours of your interview so that you can make the best decision. There's no exploding offers - we just ask for a decision in a reasonable amount of time; this is a relationship, after all!

    Our interview process consists of three segments all taking place on the same day. The first two segments we will explore your technical side through some architectural design on a whiteboard, and paired programming. We don't believe in trick questions - all of our questions are based on realistic scenarios we have experienced at Wave. The third segment will focus on non-technical skills that are important at Wave and allows you to ask any questions about the Team.

    Wave is the place to build your career:

    We hire world class talent, but the learning doesn’t stop once you’re in the door. We believe in the balance of IQ with EQ. We support continuous professional and personal development with a full time coach, ongoing learning opportunities and a serious investment in each employee. We’re here to do excellent work and together we battle mediocrity to achieve the extraordinary.
    We are a community of people with competitive hearts. Competitive in wanting to better the lives of our Brave Entrepreneurs. Competitive in never settling for less than extraordinary. Competitive in pushing each other and ideas, collaborating and communicating respectfully.
    Monthly Townhalls regularly share business metrics and updates from the CEO. When you have the data you need, you are empowered to pivot plans to solve problems, remove bottlenecks and find a way to win.
    Recognized as one of Canada's Ten Most Admired Corporate Cultures, an Employee Recommended Workplace, Great Place to Work Certified recognised specifically in the Technology, Millennial, Inclusion and Women categories, and a Top Rated CEO, our culture is reflected with a stellar Glassdoor rating.
    We work in a beautiful, renovated historical office that feels like home - with bright open spaces, cozy couches, an awesome games room, a zen space for daily yoga and fitness bootcamps, and even a designated “quiet work zone”. Our dog-friendly environment has the best view of Toronto from our rooftop patio, and our wifi enabled space helps us stay connected and committed to a single vision.
    A fantastic location - 10 minutes from downtown Toronto in the vibrant Leslieville neighbourhood, where there’s no shortage of good food, drinks, arts and entertainment (check out our walk and transit score!)

    Tech stack

    Python, Ruby, Django, Ruby on Rails, React, Redux


    Health and wellness

    Insurance (Health)
    Insurance (Dental)
    Insurance (Vision)
    Insurance (Life)
    Insurance (Disability)
    Wave - Rooftop deck with the best view of Toronto
    Wave - Kirk, our CEO, grilling burgers for the entire company
    Wave - Wave's customer success team enjoying the rooftop deck
    Wave - Some of the smartest and nicest people you've ever worked with
    Wave - Work hard, play hard.... and we really like winning!
    Wave - Solving hard problems every, singe day!
    Wave - Start-Up Pong
    Wave - Learning how to golf from our executives!
    Wave - Battle Ax Fun
    Wave - Annual Scavenger Hunt
    Wave - We like to laugh while we work :)