We built WanderJaunt with a progressive spirit and a lofty objective: to craft a world that always feels like home. Our dream - a lifestyle where travel is accessible and inspires vibrant connections.

Founded 2016
16-50 employees
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Leisure, Travel, & Hospitality
  • Headquarters address
    650 Mission Street San Francisco CA

    WanderJaunt is the first customer-obsessed, decentralized hospitality brand enabling a seamless experience for both travelers and homeowners. We consider ourselves a revolutionary, full-service alternative to both hotels and your traditional Airbnb. We stand for streamlined services, fair prices, and a world where everyone feels at home.

    For guests, we offer the perfect blend of creature comforts and local flair. When you travel, you want your experiences to be varied and meaningful, but not your sleep or your ability to relax and unwind. We ensure that every one of our properties lives up to our brand promise through thoughtful design, detailed inspections and attentive service.

    For homeowners, we offer higher earnings for no work. You no longer need a property management company - we'll handle that for you while also earning you more money than any other company out there.

    Tech stack

    Django, Vue.js, Postgres, Airflow, Redshift, RabbitMQ, Celery, Heroku


    Health and wellness

    Insurance (Health)
    Insurance (Dental)
    Insurance (Vision)
    WanderJaunt - Company Photo
    WanderJaunt - Company Photo
    WanderJaunt - Company Photo
    WanderJaunt - Company Photo
    WanderJaunt - Taking down mountains as a team
    WanderJaunt - Our awesome interiors team designing some new properties.
    WanderJaunt - Kicking it at the Church of 8 Wheels as a squad!
    WanderJaunt - Our CEO getting the job done.
    WanderJaunt - Company Photo
    WanderJaunt - Company Photo