Vouch Financial

Financial loans and services for consumers based on their real-world network of those they trust most instead of just a credit bureau score.

Founded 2013
16-50 employees
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Headquarters address
    King Street & 2nd Street, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA


    As you read this page, pause and think for a moment about the choice you’re contemplating: comparing one high-paying offer versus another one. You’ve got opportunities and power that most Americans don’t have, the most important of which is: you’ve got access to financial earning and borrowing power that 56% of US consumers do not have. That foundation gives you the freedom to put yourself out there on sites like this. If you’re worried about urban decay, if you’re concerned about decreasing investment and savings in the US, if you care about over-concentration of wealth and resources in the 0.1%, then the single most important thing we can do is to help the majority of Americans get access to more financial power.

    What we do

    Vouch is solving this multi-trillion dollar consumer finance challenge by creating technology and services for consumers to help each other permanently climb up the credit ladder and get control over their own financial freedom.

    Our first product – a fixed-term consumer lending platform – is aimed at giving low-FICO consumers a path to building or fixing your credit. Credit is the first and most important step to getting a leg up in life, but it’s also an area where some established players have done more harm than good to their customers.

    At Vouch, we’re building a way for your friends and family to help direct your trustworthiness – creating a socially-focused way to look at lending. We help customers build a network of trusted friends and family – people who would vouch for them in times of need by creating a way of looking at creditworthiness that spans beyond your FICO score because we understand you are more than your credit score.

    Why we are the ones to do it

    We’re a group of entrepreneurs, each with 10+ years experience and many of whom have built multi-billion dollar companies through multiple economic cycles. We’ve seen that the most positive impact that we can make on consumers’ lives is to give them more financial access. Since the 2008 financial meltdown, we’ve seen over half of the US consumer population fall below 700 FICO score, which severely hampers its ability to get access to financial resources like loans and credit.

    We’re backed by top-tier venture firms and renowned advisors who empower us build creative solutions to this important problem.

    How we do it

    We are a consumer-product oriented team who work on technology that is intuitive and accessible. “Mobile first” is not just jargon to us – it’s a strong belief in our customers’ needs.

    We build quality products that grow over time and are adamant about listening to our customers and doing what’s best. We believe products should be clear, transparent and communicate complex ideas (like lending) in an easy-to-understand way.

    We’re constantly learning from each other in an environment that values transparency, productivity, balance, and connectedness.

    Well-known financial service companies have built technologies that alienate and distance the understanding of their customers with their product. We seek to educate and grow our customer’s financial understanding as they grow their capabilities.

    Tech stack

    Ruby 2, Rails 4, Bootstrap 3, RSpec, Objective-C / iOS, Java / Android, JavaScript, Backbone, Angular, React, CoffeeScript, SCSS, HAML, JSON, Postgres, Redis, Heroku, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker


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