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To reverse type 2 diabetes in 100 million people by 2025

  • Founded 2014
  • 51-200 Employees
  • 31-50 Engineers
  • Health and Wellness

About Virta Health


Virta is the first clinically-proven treatment to safely and sustainably reverse type 2 diabetes and other chronic metabolic diseases without the use of medications or surgery. Our innovations in nutritional biochemistry, data science and digital tools combined with our clinical expertise are shifting the diabetes treatment paradigm from management to reversal. Our mission - to reverse type 2 diabetes in 100 million people by 2025.

The Virta Treatment combines nutritional ketosis with individualized guidance on medication eliminations and nutrition, to help reverse type 2 diabetes safely and sustainably. We provide continuous remote care, giving patients on-demand access to our clinical team via our nationwide Virta online clinic.

At 1-year, 60% of patients in our clinical trial achieved diabetes reversal, 94% of insulin users reduced or eliminated usage altogether, and 83% of patients remained active in the trial. Results extended beyond diabetes reversal, with sustained improvements in blood pressure, inflammation, cardiovascular markers, insulin resistance and weight loss. For enterprises, Virta saves an estimated $10,000 in medical expenses per patient in the first two years and only gets paid for successful outcomes. The Virta Treatment, delivered through our technology-enabled online clinic, will free millions of people from type 2 diabetes and help them get their lives back.

Curious how Virta works? Check out this video.


We like to let our patients tell the story:

“Today I turn 58 years old. Thanks for the Virta program and everyone’s support this year, I'm adding another 10 years, if not more, to my life. I'm off so many meds I can't name them all. A1c 5.1, my weight is down over 100 lbs. I feel the best I’ve felt since coming out of Boot Camp at age 17. All this in one year. I will continue with Virta because this is my lifestyle now. Live long my friends. We can do this together.”

Tim, Second Year on Virta

There are many more stories like this. To see more, visit our testimonials page.


Our web and mobile applications need to provide continuous remote care on a large scale (100M people by 2025), be secure enough to handle medical records, and provide the simplest user experience possible to support an aging population. All of this while we apply modern AI and data science technology to automate as much as possible and discover new insights in metabolic health. Our technical challenges are not only tough, but they create a better quality of life for humans across the globe.


People First
- Treat each patient as a person
- Take equally good care of yourself, your peers, and our patients
- Share gratitude openly and often

- Take initiative and responsibility while empowering the team to do the same
- Those closest to the problem are usually best equipped to solve it
- Provide solutions, not blame

- Positive impact over busy work
- Focus on the important small steps to create the greatest positive impact

No Ego
- Everyone has something to teach; everyone has something to learn
- Focus on "doing something" rather than "being somebody"
- Evidence over ego

- Promote trust and empowerment through open access to information
- Have integrity in everything we do
- Encourage continuous, transparent feedback

- Prioritize data and science over seniority, dogma, or opinions in decision making
- Patient protocols should be based on the most credible science and evidence

Risk Taking & Rapid Iteration
- Test, learn, and repeat quickly: a failed test is a learning opportunity
- Don't sacrifice progress for perfection
- Novel solutions start revolutions

Our very reserved Team during an offsite in Healdsburg
Virta Health - Our very reserved Team during an offsite in Healdsburg
Our SF HQ is based at the WeWork Transbay location at 535 Mission Street
Virta Health - Our SF HQ is based at the WeWork Transbay location at 535 Mission Street
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Tech Stack
  • Python
  • Flask
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • React
  • React Native
  • Docker
  • Postgres
  • AWS
  • Linux

  • Unlimited vacation
  • 401K
  • 99% company sponsored health benefits for employees
  • Commuter benefits program
  • Stock options
  • Career development program
  • Amazing founding team
  • The ability to focus on transformative change in healthcare.

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