Powering video advertising across web, mobile and SmartTV.

Founded 2006
51-200 employees
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    San Francisco, CA

    About Us##

    Vindico® is the first ad management platform dedicated to video and sits at the center of the digital video ad eco-system. Born in the video space, Vindico is developed to address the problems and needs of brands and agencies. Our mission since the beginning, was to create an easy and safe place for brands to tell their best story. As the trusted partner for both the buy- and sell-side, Vindico proudly offers an integrated, end-to-end platform to solve for the challenges and needs the entire industry faces. To complement our cutting-edge technology, we have dedicated people who provide our clients a fully-managed service. Technology and people = a powerful combination and a great partner for your needs.

    Our Story

    IAB creates the Broadband Committee (later renamed Digital Video Committee), developed to focus on video advertising as a unique offering in the digital advertising landscape

    Vindico® introduces first marketer-facing ad server dedicated to video.

    IAB introduces VAST (Video Ad Serving Template), the first delivery standard to easily serve video fostering an environment where advertisers can quickly grow and scale into digital video.

    IAB introduces VPAID (Video Player Ad Interface Definition), allowing greater standardization of delivery and interactive capabilities.

    Vindico® is first video ad server to receive MRC Accreditation – a status maintained every year since.

    Vindico® expands into Europe.

    Vindico® introduces Adtricity™, a viewability and verification solution for video advertising.

    Vindico® introduces Vindico Bid Manager™, a programmatic way to buy quality video advertising.

    Tech stack

    Coffee Script, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, HTML, Hadoop, AJAX