The Vidalign System generates viewer-specific conventional Video and VR/AR content. It tailors visual and verbal content for each individual viewer.

  • Enterprise Software
  • What we are building -
    The Vidalign System generate viewer-specific conventional video and AR/VR content.

    Uniqueness - By personalization, we do not mean separate genre, as what it means now. Rather, using our own proprietary technologies, we can make appear human actors in the video to speak directly to the viewer by referencing viewer's personal attributes such as name, age, etc, or any attribute that makes the viewer unique individual or give a verbal message/instruction that is specific to the individual viewer. Now, no two viewers receive the same broadcast content as they do now.

    What is the significance? What us unique about this?
    This has been impossible because the editing methods used to personalize video content in this manner is a laborious, expensive manual procedure. We solved the problem by automating the current manual process by combining – AI, computer vision, machine learning, image/video processing and other proprietary algorithms.

    Why work with us? We have traction and demand for the Vidalign product - Recently we received a major sales order from a corporate client. This is a stronger validation than the raising of venture capital. We also have a few prominent research scientists as tech advisors on board.

    Who are the clients - several huge target markets.
    •Film/TV/Editing **, •advertising companies and their clients *, •Training/Education video programs *, •VR or AR Social and Gaming Environments, •Visuals for automated personal instructional/assistant applications, Customer Care/Service and more
    * Immediate Need Markets.

    Tech stack

    C++, Computer Vision, Face Tracking, Image/Video Processing algorithms, 3D face modeling, Strong math (multi linear algebra a must), machine learning


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