Verity is an AI agent that helps companies understand their talent and helps people better understand themselves. We believe in a world where talent is more quantifiable and visible.

Founded 2016
1-15 employees

We're looking for amazing people to join an amazing team. Get fully imersed into the next big thing and work on tech so exciting any of us barely sleep. We don't care where you are, and what you've done (within reason). All we care about is your passion and what you can do right now, today. This is your moment.

We're a team of 5 people with more work than we can possibly do and a billion dollar company in the making that needs your help. We're currently being incubated within a larger organization with 50 employees and 10 years of success, so you get the benefit of working at a startup, but the security of a larger organization.

We founded with the vision to shake up a whole bunch of stuff. I actually can't tell you here, because it's too awesome and we're in stealth mode. Just know it's awesome!

If you think you can help us with our mission to democratize talent using AI, please reach out and we'll talk. You're important, so we'll talk to you. People are important.

Tech stack

Node.js, MySQL, Python, NLP


Compensation and retirement

Pension plan

Health and wellness

Health insurance
Dental insurance
Vision insurance - You will never feel more challenged, fulfilled, befriended, and just happy in your life. This isn't work. It's a calling.