Vantage Sports

Worldwide platform for esports player and team development.

Founded 2012
1-15 employees
  • Sports
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    Seattle, WA, USA

    The Vantage Why

    Vantage Sports is what happens when you mix sports/esports-nuts, mathletes, computational power-tools, and pro ambitions... then subtract real ability.

    We started Vantage Sports with a couple of questions:
    * Why was the world around us becoming more digitized and measurable every day, but our favorite games haven't moved beyond unhelpful post-game stats?
    * Why do the millions of esports players around the world have access to billions of hours of grumpy cat videos online, but can't pull up video of their next opponent's skill shot accuracy with the same ease?

    The Vantage What

    Vantage Sports started a couple seasons ago, building a suite of analytics tools for NBA clients. The dataset (and collection process) is vast, proprietary, and awesomely (if we do say so ourselves) insightful.

    Our products are currently used by NBA teams and players, as well as media outlets like ESPN and TNT. And while we're grateful to Brad Pitt and the movie Moneyball for helping us explain to our grandparents what we do all day, we have grander ambitions in mind. The burgeoning eSports industry is our next target, and we're really excited about bringing our tools to a brand new arena. Because if information is power, then we feel like we're sitting on the competitive equivalent of nuclear fusion. From media to wagering, fantasy to coaching, analysis to extreme-fandom, there's no area of the industry that we don't feel like we can add value.

    The Vantage Who

    Our obsessions:
    * Giving an edge to our clients
    * Balancing the fun of playing with the shiniest new toys/technology and the know-how of trusted tools/infrastructure
    * Ownership and responsibility
    * Automation, testing, automation, experimentation, automation

    As a culture we value respect among peers, sharing knowledge, and learning new things. We are product-focused, engineering-minded, (e)sports-fanatics with designs on using our (tremendous) bit-twiddling powers for good in the world. And we're having a LOT of fun.

    Team photo from whirlyball may 2015

    The Vantage Where

    We're based in Seattle - but we have a distributed engineering team and are more concerned with your talent and get-shit-done-ility than your physical location.

    The Vantage When

    Now. Like... right. now. Yesterday, even.

    Tech stack

    Go, Python, Docker, Kubernetes, GCP, AWS, React, Javascript


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    Vantage Sports - Company Photo
    Vantage Sports - Company Photo