Valimail solves the problem of authenticating the world's email. By making email authentication easy and automated we enable our customers to protect their customers, partners, employees, and brand.

Founded 2015
51-200 employees
  • Cybersecurity
  • Headquarters address
    180 Montgomery St, 20th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA

    What We Do

    Valimail is Bringing Trust to Email ™ with the World’s First Email Authentication as a Service ™

    Contrary to some predictions, email is increasingly important to business. Companies use email to communicate with their customers, employees, and partners. But as email has grown in importance, new problems have arisen. How can a company control email when every division can spin up a cloud service that sends email on their behalf? How can receivers like Google, Y!, Microsoft filter out the good from the bad and protect their customers from fraudulent emails?

    Email authentication is the answer. Companies can gain full control over their email services by requiring that all of their email be authenticated. And authentication allows receivers to protect their customers from phishing and fraud.

    So why is most email still unauthenticated? Because authenticating email has been a highly complex and technical process...until Valimail. Our Email Authentication as a Service automates this process, and ensure that companies can easily secure their email and protect their brand.

    Valimail has addressed long-standing barriers to standards adoption like the 10-domain SPF lookup limit and the challenges surrounding DKIM key rotation. Our technology is based on open standards (SPF, DKIM, DMARC) that are already in place at large ISPs. But Valimail is much more than just a simple configuration tool - it addresses issues that have made it difficult for companies to adopt and use email authentication standards correctly.

    Who We Are

    We believe culture is important - it’s how we interact with each other & why we work here.

    At Valimail we believe that we do great things by:

    • Working in small teams of exceptional people
    • Giving employees responsibility and autonomy, and making sure we reward their accomplishments
    • Taking pride in our high quality work
    • Being ambitious - we tackle hard problems, and don't back away from a challenge
    • Being honest about our mistakes - we admit errors, ask for help, and take responsibility for fixing them
    • Building trust - with ourselves, each other, our partners, and our customers
    • Contributing where needed, no matter what our official role in the company
    • Asking ourselves each day: “are we moving the ball forward on our mission”
    • Maintaining alignment between our inner dialogue and external interactions.

    Valimail is a small, scrappy company full of self-starters. We're excited about making the world a safer place online by building a higher level of trust into email. Our big hairy goal is to authenticate the world's email. Come join us!

    Tech stack

    Rails, AWS, Postgres, Golang, Terraform, Ansible, React


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    ValiMail - The whole team at dinner
    ValiMail - The team at the ValiMail M3AAWG party in February 2016
    ValiMail - Company Photo
    ValiMail - Company Photo
    ValiMail - Named one of the Best Places to Work!
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