We sequence the human microbiome using citizen science to help people learn about their health and change their lives.

Founded 2012
16-50 employees
  • Health Care Technology & Nursing
  • Headquarters address
    360 Langton Street #301, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA
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    Founded by UCSF scientists and Stanford and Cambridge technologists, our mission is using big data to understand the human microbiome. We’re all covered in trillions of bacteria. We help consumers and organizations understand what they are and what they do. We're using tools like machine learning, bioinformatics, crowdsourcing, Illumina Hi-Seq, and robots.

    uBiome addresses a massive need: dozens of conditions are correlated with the human microbiome (asthma, diabetes, irritable bowel, heart disease, etc.). We are the first and only big data company focused on the microbiome.

    Our product accomplishes two goals: 1) allowing consumers access to their microbiome to learn about their bodies, perform experiments, and see how current studies apply to them 2) allowing organizations to learn about the microbiome at scale.

    We started with largest citizen science crowdfunding campaign in history, where we raised over $350,000 on Indiegogo from over 2,500 people (350% of our goal). We distribute direct to consumer and also through partnerships with researchers, foundations, and companies. Currently working with Stanford, Harvard, UCSF, Fortune 500 cos, and dozens of others.

    Tech stack

    Python, MySQL, Robots, Bioinformatics, Illumina sequencers


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