Tynker is a new creative computing platform designed to teach children programming skills in a fun, intuitive and imaginative way

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About Tynker

About Us

Tynker is a new computing platform designed by Silicon Valley technologists specifically to teach children computational learning and programming skills in a fun and imaginative way. Tynker's language is inspired by Scratch from MIT. It is a completely browser-based platform written ground up using Open Web standards such as Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 and does not use Flash.

Tynker's language extensions, built-in physics engine, character editors and other tools make it fun and easy for kids to unleash their creativity. Schools love Tynker because it offers them an easy to use cloud-hosted system for delivering a customized Computer Science course across multiple grades with a ready to use curriculum, classroom management and more. Tynker is the platform of choice at many leading schools - see what educators are saying.

Parents love Tynker because it's a great way to turn the time kids are already spending on computers and tablets into an engaging way for them to learn not only how computer programming works, but also how to build their own games and apps to play.

We believe that computational thinking and computer programming should be part of the core curriculum in education. Our goals include:

Provide every child with solid foundations in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to prepare them for 21st century degrees and careers.
Enable children to learn Computer Science concepts through discovery, creative activities and experimentation.

Why should kids learn how to code?
Kids today are surrounded by technology. They are experts at consuming this technology, but beyond that it is important to have the skill to understand and appreciate what goes into making it. Kids find it challenging to become active participants, or "creators," instead of passive consumers. Learning to program allows them this creativity and control over their world.

What is Stem?
STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Schools are focusing more and more on these subjects, recognizing their importance in today's high-tech economy.

President Obama launched a campaign called "Educate to Innovate." It's a call to action for schools, businesses and nonprofits to increase and improve STEM education across the US. We're answering that call.

What is Computational Thinking?
Computational thinking is a problem solving process. It includes knowing how and when to use computing tools, knowing what steps you need to take to solve a problem, and logically organizing and analyzing data.

What activities can kids do with Tynker?
Among other things, kids can use Tynker to build games, tell stories, and create projects using what they learn in school. In this way, students reinforce learning and be creative at the same time.

What skills will students learn with Tynker?
Students will learn how to tell a good story, logically sequence events, and model real situations. They'll increase their technical proficiency. In addition, they'll also develop their algorithmic and design thinking abilities.

What is the right age to start Tynkering?
Anyone can Tynker! There's no "right" age to learn how to code. That being said, we recommend introducing Tynker to students in the 4th grade, or at a comparable level. Students should be able to read, write, and understand cause-and-effect relationships.

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  • GSV Capital and several top educators nationwide

  • NEA
  • Felicis
  • 500 Startups
  • GSV Capital and several top educators nationwide