Tuple Labs LLC

Tuple is a firm hellbent on discovering, designing, and then building, measurably dope digital experiences for ridiculously ambitious companies. Anywhere.

Founded 2015
1-15 employees
  • eCommerce
  • Headquarters address
    815 Brazos St #588, Austin, TX 78701, USA

    Tuple is the result of believing strongly that designers, researchers, and engineers build the best products when they work together, mirroring those early innovative years of the world's best startups. Our team's members have been directly involved in those companies and saw the success firsthand. Together we work with clients to design, build, and launch their next ambitious projects.

    In the strictest sense we're an agency, but we take great care to avoid the common pitfalls: commoditizing the design process, outsourcing engineering, and growth through the abject human suffering known as agency life. That said, we enjoy the fact that we work on clients' best labs initiatives, later handing over support to the client themselves. Best of both in-house product team, and agency.

    Ultimately we've grown the company 2-3x over a brief period and we're doing so again in 2017. We take on incredibly challenging projects in ecommerce and financial technology where the stakes are enormous, but we're also building experiences that are seen and used on a daily basis by millions of people. That part should be a little scary. But in the end we're all incredibly happy, constantly learning, and working on amazing projects with enormous amounts of autonomy and opportunity to shine. What more could you ask?!

    Lastly, our team's worked on some of these folks you may have heard of: Half Price Books, Atlassian, SWBC, Neiman Marcus, Ice.com, Crate&Barrel, Urban Decay, and more.

    Tech stack

    Amazon Web Services, Node.JS, Angular, iOS, Android, Docker, Grunt


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    Tuple Labs LLC - Tuple stickers. Go use one inappropriately.
    Tuple Labs LLC - Here we have a few windows and engineers.
    Tuple Labs LLC - Cozy Scandinavian furniture on deck. Not shown, wealth of pillows and blankets.
    Tuple Labs LLC - View of the capital two blocks away. Lunch on the lawn? Protest march? Grassy nap spot? Check, check, check.