TunnelBear Inc.

We think the Internet is a much better place when everyone can browse securely. We make simple apps that anyone can use to get a little more privacy and security online.

  • Founded 2011
  • 16-50 Employees
  • 16-30 Engineers

About TunnelBear Inc.

TunnelBear got started in 2011 as a "for-fun" project. We saw a potential in VPN (Virtual Private Networks). At the time, VPNs were still very difficult to use and built mostly for tech-savvy users. You had to understand things like ports, encryption protocols and other things that most people don't know anything about. We decided we want to make a fun, approachable VPN that everyone could use.

After launching the Mac, Windows apps in 2011, we quickly saw a huge demand. In 2012 we introduced iOS and Android apps and in 2014 we released Chrome extensions. Since 2011 we've introduced online privacy to over 15,000,000 people in 179 countries.

We are now charging-ahead to introduce new products and features that can help everyone browse online privately and securely...with Bears.

Bright, laid back, friendly offices.
TunnelBear Inc. - Bright, laid back, friendly offices.
Some friendly, creative and bright people.
TunnelBear Inc. - Some friendly, creative and bright people.
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  • Flexible hours
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