Truework is changing the way sensitive information is shared.

Founded 2017
1-15 employees
  • Enterprise Software
  • Headquarters address
    15 Lucerne St

    Join a high-growth, Khosla-backed startup as one of the first employees. Truework is looking for smart, thoughtful people who are passionate about the privacy and security of personal data.

    We started Truework because we saw frustration among lenders, employers, and employees at how broken the process is to verify income and employment during life-changing financial transactions. Verifying this sensitive information can take 1-2 weeks leaving employees frustrated, lenders scrambling, and employers caught having to juggle redundant workflows while balancing their other core responsibilities. Equally frustrating, the current offerings in this market offer non-existent employee privacy controls, and long track records of an unwillingness to invest in proper data security.

    Simply put, this industry has been left twenty years in the past and has not adopted technological best practices that would drastically benefit all parties involved. We are trying to help advance the industry to deliver the next-generation of consumer financial and professional data products that do not have to compromise privacy and security.

    Our team is made up of hard-working, fun, and passionate people. We come from big companies like LinkedIn and start-ups alike. We care about craftsmanship, agility, and focus in pursuit of our goals.


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