Tongal brings the world's creative work to the world's creative talent. From idea people to filmmakers, Tongal connects you to the businesses, brands and products you want to work with.

Founded 2009
16-50 employees
  • News, Media, Advertising, & Publishing
  • Headquarters address
    1918 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405, USA

    Remember when "making it" in Hollywood or on Madison Ave meant you had to be either related to someone or have the luck of well...a seriously lucky person? Of course you do; that's today. Tongal exists to make a distant memory of this enormous economic waste and exclusivity bordering on (or straight up) nepotism.

    We do it by opening up the exclusive, cloistered process of content production as wide as possible. Instead of needing to live in some cosmopolitan capital and have the connections of a kingpin, all you need to have a seat at the table is an internet connection and something great to submit. From there, we let every idea, screenplay, video, pitch, concept, etc. compete on an even playing field--on its merit alone. As a content buyer, it's obvious that we offer a substantial savings in the cost of production; what's not as obvious however is the enormous savings in time as well. And even more important, the sheer ability in this day and age to be able to get content that's both truly original and of the moment. And our process, well the work speaks for itself.

    We have a ground-breaking tech-stack to match our ground-breaking position in the production marketplace. On the frontend, we rely on serious Angular; and in fact, not just Angular: an ostensibly object-oriented Coffeescript wrapper framework that makes writing controllers/directives/factories/filters/etc. that actually inherit from one another not merely possible, but a joy. We also use a broad, Bootstrap-inspired (or Bootstrap-frustration-inspired) CSS framework written in SCSS that allows us to turn the process of styling pages of any degree of complexity into a practically WYSIWYG-esque breeze (with simple, pure-CSS responsive, adaptive, and interactive styling to boot). On the backend, we use Java, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, and ElasticSearch, plus New Relic for technical insights from back to front.

    If you'd like to get a sense for how we think and happenings in our community, please check out our blog, here. And of course, there's always our homepage.

    Tech stack

    Java, Angular, SCSS, Coffeescript, Grunt, MySQL, Hibernate, Spring


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    Tongal - Company Photo
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