To connect all things to a simple app on your phone.

Founded 2012
51-200 employees
  • Hardware, Internet of Things, & Electronics
  • Headquarters address
    2121 S El Camino Real #900, San Mateo, CA 94403, USA

    Tile has invented a simple and sleek location tracking app that can be used to track any item users don’t want to misplace. Users can place small, affordable Tiles on wallets, purses, computers, luggage, etc., allowing them to communicate within the world’s largest lost and found network. Tile is the first mass-market Internet of Things device and community, and has created a user-driven network of access points that work together to help locate missing belongings, but that have a potential impact that is far, far greater, spanning transportation, healthcare, energy, and the connected home. www.thetileapp.com


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    Tile - 2 Million Tiles shipped!
    Tile - Android and Product team work together
    Tile - Collaboration between Marketing and Operations
    Tile - A tile made out of our #1 most lost item: KEYS!
    Tile - Marketing helping out our first year Intern put together his end of the summer presentation!
    Tile - Hand drawn mural in the office!
    Tile - Chats with our CEO at his desk about watching Commando