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The New York Times is dedicated to helping people understand the world through on-the-ground, expert and deeply reported independent journalism.

Our mission is simple: We seek the truth and help people understand the world. This mission is rooted in our belief that great journalism has the power to make each reader’s life richer and more fulfilling, and all of society stronger and more just.

The Times attracts talented and passionate people who produce and support the distribution of the world’s best news report — one that is unrivaled in its ambition, breadth and independence. All of us at the company — whether we gather news, explain why our journalism is worth paying for, defend our First Amendment rights or participate in the awe-inspiring ballet of printing and delivering the newspaper to a million doorsteps — know that the integrity of our journalism comes first.

Diversity and Inclusion

Building a diverse and inclusive workplace is essential to our mission. It enriches our news report, because journalists with diverse backgrounds reflect the society we cover. It’s critical for our business, because The Times must reach new audiences in order to grow. And it’s important for our people, who thrive in a workplace that is fair, inclusive and rewarding to everyone.

The Times has reported at length on issues surrounding diversity, but we are also focused on how to foster diversity and inclusion within our own company. Click here to view our 2017 Diversity Report:

Additionally, our Employee Resource Groups (E.R.G.s) bring people together as a way to educate and promote an environment of understanding, acceptance and diversity and inclusion among all employees. The groups also advocate to make The Times Company a welcoming place to work for all employees (example here:

Our Hiring Process

  1. You apply! (
  2. Our hiring managers and recruiting team will review your application, and if they think it’s a good match, will reach out to schedule a phone call with a member of our Talent & Inclusion team. On this call, you will discuss your work to date and make sure the role meets your career goals.
  3. You’ll have a call with a hiring manager or a member of one the teams you are being considered for — it’s an opportunity for you to find out about the opening, ask questions.
  4. You might be asked to do a short exercise or assessment, depending on the role. Read more about our technical hiring process here:
  5. We’ll have you in for an in-person (or remote) interview during which you’ll meet with various members of the team(s) you’re being considered for, members of teams you’ll work closely with and the hiring manager.
  6. Our hiring panel of everyone that interviewed you meets to review your candidacy and make a decision. We strive to let you know either way as soon as possible.

Learning and Career Development

We equally emphasize the importance of developing software and developing people.
Learning: As a learning organization, we are committed to ensuring all technology employees have the time, space and resources necessary to continuously learn and develop. In addition to a company-wide tuition reimbursement program, all technology employees set aside a week every year to focus on their own learning, development and growth. They can use these five days to learn anything they’re interested in, whether that’s via a conference, taking a formal class, creating your own self-directed study plan or any other mechanism you want to learn through.
Career Ladders: We understand the need to know what your next step is, so every role in technology has an associated career ladder that outlines the criteria and qualifications that are considered in promoting people to every role.

Find out more about our Learning and Development opportunities in this article written by our CTO, Nick Rockwell:

Tech stack

JavaScript, React, GraphQL, Google Cloud Platform, CSS, Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin, Java, Go, Python, PySpark, AWS, Redux


Compensation and retirement


Health and wellness

Health insurance
Dental insurance
Vision insurance
Life insurance
Disability insurance
The New York Times - Maker Week 2018
The New York Times - Maker Week 2018
The New York Times - Maker Week 2018
The New York Times - Maker Week 2018