The League

The first dating community tailored for ambitious young professionals is working to make power couples the norm, not the exception.

Founded 2014
16-50 employees
  • Dating & Relationships
  • Social Networking
  • Headquarters address
    San Francisco, CA

    The League isn’t a normal dating app and many things we believe are very at odds with our industry. The Dating industry is traditionally very scammy and could even be called unethical in many of its monetization efforts. You can read more about that at

    At The League, we’re working to make dating online safe, easy, and at the same time, help people enjoy the dating process as a tool for self-discovery, and inspire them to trust in The League and support us in our mission. This customer focus radiates through everything we do.

    Our product is meant to be friendly, fun and high-brow, and it’s important our attitude should never be superior, smug or elitist. The League isn’t about excluding people, it’s about enabling the busiest of folks to connect with each other. We believe in a world where children don’t have stereotypes for ‘boy jobs’ and ‘girl jobs’, and that each power-couple we help create brings us one child closer to this goal. Our ambition is huge. We are confident that we have the potential to be an incredibly influential voice for ambitious, educated millennials worldwide with the capacity to encourage millions to think more progressively about dating, relationships, and social norms.

    Our mission to make power couples the norm, not the exception. One of the most important parts of being an active member of the League team is understanding this mission. As Amanda Bradford, our CEO and Founder, explains in her post, ‘ I’m Not An Elitist, I’m Just An Alpha Female ,’ “It’s not uncommon for women to feel the need to ‘tone down’ our intelligence, opinions, and career ambitions as to not scare guys o . This awful, cringeworthy expression is what drove me to create The League”. The mission of The League is to create opportunity for ambitious, career-driven people to partner and serve as role models for today’s generation of children.

    Striving towards and sustaining such an incredibly important mission is just one of the many reasons that working for The League is so fun and worthwhile. As a pre-series A startup, we are fast growing, ever changing, and bootstrapping, so things are scrappy here! Get ready to wear many hats and learn what it takes to build a company from the ground up. As an early hire, we consider you a part of the founding team and that means. We hope you’ll love our team and our customers as much as we do, and learn to appreciate the sheer impact our team has on the direction of people’s lives.

    1. WE DON'T DO LAME THINGS: If we do something, we should do it well or we should not do it.
    2. ALWAYS ASK WHY: Asking why is what guides the company’s strategy.
    3. DTW: Do the work.
    4. TREAT EVERY CUSTOMER LIKE AN INVESTOR: We need every single one of our customers to be happy with our product.
    5. NEVER SETTLE: Dating is about self-discovery, and soulmates will come only after you understand what you’re looking for.
    6. STRIVE FOR IMPACT. Be big, make change.
    7. HALF OF DOING IS WRITING IT DOWN: The act of documenting something shows ownership

    Tech stack

    Postgres SQL, Node.js, Javascript, ElasticSearch, Redis, Swift, Java, R, python


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    Catered lunches
    The League - We are international and host some of the hottest launch parties at many hard-to-get-into venues!
    The League - Team offsites in Tahoe!
    The League - Yes, cool League swag is a given!
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