The Dyrt

The Dyrt is a top-ranked camping app on iOS and Google Play stores, it was created to help people in the U.S. find camping from free dispersed to bookable glampsites.

Founded 2013
51-200 employees
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    Portland, OR

    The Dyrt has closed an $11m Series B funding and is doubling company size. It is the top-ranked app for camping is iOS and Google Play and the platform's visitors continue to grow by over 100% year to year. Although The Dyrt is a fast moving start up the founders have embraced remote working and use of their product by team members through camping bonuses.

    Our origin story: Caught up in the grind of running their startup for the past several years, Sarah Smith and Kevin Long lost sight of the very thing they set out to help people do: go camping. The husband and wife co-founders of Portland-based The Dyrt are changing that by taking remote work truly remote.

    Smith and Long have set out on a months-long, cross-country road trip in their van, working in campgrounds and RV parks and desolate locations along the way to experience the community of users that they serve and better understand and tweak the product that has become the No. 1 camping app on the App Store and Google Play.

    “The Dyrt is all about making it easier for people to go find campgrounds,” Long said during a video call with GeekWire as he and Smith settled in Durango, Colo., for a week. “Our whole thought was, ‘Let’s go actually live this as founders after over half a decade of building this platform and this community; let’s go live this for the next six months and let’s make the product be the thing that we use to find our experiences.'”
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    "The Dyrt, a rapidly growing website and mobile app, is possibly the country’s most comprehensive platform for the camping public—which means, in turn, that The Dyrt’s users may comprise the country’s broadest demographic profile of the camping public. So when The Dyrt’s users have their temperature taken, it pays for other industry participants to take notice."

    Tech stack

    Ruby on Rails, Ruby, React, SQL, Figma
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