Democratizing IoT data with infinitely-scalable concurrent contracts, trustless light nodes, and encrypted data markets on top of block lattice.

Founded 2017
1-15 employees
  • Information Systems
  • Headquarters address
    Palo Alto

    We're a blockchain startup building a new protocol to enable rapid IoT data transactions. The promise of IoT can never be realized without more widespread sharing and trading of data. Much of the data today either goes uncollected or hoarded behind IP walls. Devices cannot be automated or become intelligent without data, and they won't know how to use the data unless data is shared and analyzed first. Our blockchain seeks to remove many of the barriers to stimulate more data sharing and transactions by helping to fractionalize resources, decentralize the ecosystem, and providing a lightning-fast transaction process.

    While most blockchain protocol projects today attempt to boost the ledger's transactional throughput, we focus on improving the throughput of smart contract processing, since the trading (and later processing) of IoT data require frequent use of smart contracts. Our concurrent smart contract system allows parallel execution of hundreds of contract calls on a single node, as well as distributed assignment of contract call initial-processors across the network, thereby maximizing concurrency and minimizing waste.

    We're also introducing a suite of trustless light node designs specifically to help IoT devices in becoming more independent participants on the network, rather than being completely reliant upon another full node.

    Everything from our project team to our ecosystem partners are all global, offering our team members the unique opportunity to travel across the world to work with our ecosystem partners - or not, if you rather sit in your home and refine the protocols, it's your choice.

    Tech stack

    C/C++, otherwise platform agnostic because it's a decentralized blockchain ecosystem


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