We envision a future where marketers choose authentic, influencer-generated content over distracting, traditional ads, and consumers regain their love for great products.

51-200 employees
Headquarters address
37 E Evelyn Ave, Mountain View, CA


Rethink consumer marketing in a way that engenders authenticity and trust. Put the power in the hands of creators,
influencers, taste-makers, and ultimately the consumer.


At the Engineering, we value collaboration and freedom.

Freedom to tackle new problems, to use the data lake to learn new tech, to try your hypothesis or just off the curve ideas. Freedom to jump into a different area, tech stack, learn and push to production.

We are not here to say no, but really to empower you to try new things, fail, learn, iterate, try again, support each other, and move on.

Engineering for us is all about being able to define our paths and what makes us excited to work every day.

Core Values

FLOW STATE: Our work should feel rejuvenating, rewarding, and exciting.
SQUAD GOALS: We value what each individual brings to our team, and seek to understand and activate each person’s talent and potential.
EMPOWERMENT: We empower people to pursue their passion and achieve their goals.
AGILITY: Intention combined with flexibility and velocity result in leading our market.
OWNERSHIP: Tap is our company. We are all owners and take pride in that.

Tech stack

Ruby on Rails (legacy), Backbone (legacy), NodeJS, AWS, Lambdas, Scala, ReactJS, Redux, Python, Redshift, ElasticSearch


Compensation and retirement

401k plan

Health and wellness

Insurance (Health)
Insurance (Dental)
Insurance (Vision)
Insurance (Life)
Insurance (Disability)

Values and quality of life

Catered meals