Our mission is to inspire all kids to have fun developing a passion in any sport or physical activity, at any time.

Founded 2013
1-15 employees
Headquarters address
Denver, CO

The TopYa! app, by TalentKode Sports, is bringing back the kid-driven, sandlot environment that has faded for this generation. 70% of athletes quit sports by age 13 because it’s no longer fun. Billions in revenue is lost and the trend is fueling a youth obesity crisis with massive life and healthcare cost impacts. The TopYa! platform developed and patented by TalentKode Sports meets this generation where they are by making sport fun again through the very mobile devices that otherwise compete for their time, attention and level of activity. Kids get active and build their skills using TopYa! by participating in video based challenges from coaches, celebrities and other experts as well as from other kids from around the world. Sports organizations and schools can engage with kids at-home through TopYa! to keep practice going off the field. We’re passionate about getting kids moving around here!