Tacit Knowledge

We are an eCommerce consultancy which specialized in developing eCommerce platforms for major brands and corporations in the US and Europe. We have offices in SF, NY & London.

Founded 2002
51-200 employees
  • eCommerce
  • Headquarters address
    27 Maiden Lane, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA

    Tacit Knowledge is a digital consultancy with roots in Silicon Valley. Founded on the premise that talent and experience are key factors in project success, our approach has been to build a global team of highly vetted technologists that specialize in e-commerce.

    Tacit Knowledge leverages Silicon Valley innovations to solve scaling and throughput issues prevalent in eCommerce solutions.

    The result is in stark contrast to large agencies that scale with newly minted professionals and unpredictable outcomes.

    Tacit Knowledge doesn’t offer a myriad of services or attempt to be all things to all people. We operate exclusively at the union of high tech and commerce. This relentless focus on consultative engineering and a core competency within a chosen vertical is our advantage.

    Quality software is a reflection of the people who create it. That’s why our clients call us and why we believe that good consulting engineers are hard to find and worth waiting for. Our teams work together to innovate and inspire.


    San Francisco

    Tacit’s headquarters are located on Maiden Lane at the intersection of Union Square and the Financial District.

    Our office is home to just over twenty employees, including Project Managers, Software Engineers, Web Developers, Development Operations, Engagement Managers, and unfortunately…the executive team.

    Applicants must be able to tolerate poor but passionate Rock Band ® renditions of old Journey songs.

    New York

    Our Fifth Avenue office is located in the heart of NYC, steps away from the Empire State Building.

    That’s a fifteen-minute walk to Grand Central Station, ten minutes to Penn Station, and about five minutes to gastronomical nirvana.

    Aside from creating some of the best software outside of Silicon Valley, you’ll often find the NYC team battling each other with Nerf weapons and outdoing one another’s puns.


    Opened in 2009, our office is located in Holborn, central London. Our light and spacious office has views of the London skyline, is just two minutes walk from Holborn tube station and easily accessible from the majority of London train stations.

    Our objective is simple: bring Silicon Valley innovation to online retail in Europe. We’re working with some of the biggest UK brands and the best partners in eCommerce to do exactly that.

    Aston Villa football fans preferred, but we don’t discriminate.


    Our Guadalajara office is located on the third floor of "Torre Brasilia" right in the heart of the Financial District, just a small walk from Punto Sao Paolo and Plaza Patria.

    We’re comprised of Software Engineers, Quality Assurance, and Web Developers. You may have seen us at some of the recent developer conferences spreading the good word about TDD, Agile, and XP.

    If you join us, you should be willing to consider playing pool, foosball or ping-pong while having a beer and wearing a wrestling mask.


    Six years old and recently relocated to Le Roi International Business Center in downtown nearby the Parliament and Stefan cel Mare Park, our office in Chisinau is just shy of thirty people utilizing multiple technologies and programming languages.

    Being experienced agilists and clean coders at heart we believe that building software is a craft and are at the forefront of the company’s movement to bring Development Operations to the mainstream.

    If you can bowl above one hundred after several shots of cognac, you’ll fit right in.


    The newest of our six world-spanning offices, Tacit Knowledge Sydney is nestled in the beautiful heart of the city.

    Sydney is the financial apex of Australia with tech, banking and more than half of Australia’s top companies.

    This office is well prepared to take on all of APAC – more than 500 multinational corporations have a presence in the area.

    Tech stack

    Java, Chef, Vagrant, Ruby (scripting), all modern RDBMSs, some MongoDB


    Compensation and retirement

    401k plan

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