Transforming the way the world interacts with data for discovery and insight.

  • Founded 2013
  • 1-15 Employees
  • 0-5 Engineers
  • Analytics

About SynGlyphX

SynGlyphX is unlike just about any company you’ve ever known. The mad scientist (MD, PhD) behind our technology is actually more famous for his “Beer for Data” program (look it up!). His vision for our approach to interactive data visualization and discovery technology took root as he was getting his MD and PhD.

As an MD, he became frustrated walking into an ICU patient’s room needing to make a quick decision, but first needing to manually gather blood pressure, EKG, patient history, and treatment data. He wanted an integrated display that showed him all the data and how things were changing, so that he could make both a quick AND an informed decision.
As a PhD student, he worked with quadriplegic children. He got them to interact with technology using facial gestures, including playing video games and controlling remote controlled cars. The stories he tells about the research bring tears of joy to the faces of hardened men and women. The research was about understanding how the human brain receives, processes, and takes action on information. Additionally, the research was about how to process the information quickly – so that Ms. Pac Man doesn’t get eaten by the goblin and the remote controlled car does not fall down the stairs.
After the MD and PhD programs, he furthered his research through a variety of different R&D studies. But, in a nutshell, our technology addresses both of the main points of his MD and PhD programs:

1) help the user see all (or at least more) of the data at one time – because the human brain is still one of the best pattern recognition devices out there; and
2) help the user quickly understand what the data is telling them – because the point is not analysis for analysis sake, the point is to take advantage of and benefit from the data that is there.
As you likely know: Volume of Data Yesterday < Volume of Data Today < Volume of Data Tomorrow. The market for our software gets bigger by the second. With our software, companies do not need to hire teams of data scientists to try to make sense of the available data. Rather, our software empowers the person closest to the work process to play with their data, detect patterns, define trends, identify anomalies – and then quickly take informed action.
Our software can apply wherever there is complex data: commercial applications (e.g., marketing analytics; supply chain; telecommunications) to healthcare (e.g., cancer research; human genome mapping) to government (e.g., activity based intelligence; command and control centers).
If you are looking to be challenged, we guarantee your head will hurt the first two months as you really begin to understand our data visualization approach (it’ll hurt because the possibilities are endless).

We are building a culture that values tolerance and those that bring sanity to complex environments; encourages folks to be curious; and rewards those that take ownership and are driven to make things better.

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Tech Stack
  • OpenGL
  • OpenSceneGraph
  • ODBC
  • JDBC
  • NoSQL
  • Qt
  • Boost
  • Graph Database

  • Free Fridge: Snacks and Beverages (sometimes Beer)
  • Free Lunch: Food Truck Thursday group lunch
  • Free Schedule: Flexible work hours (ok not totally free but we’ll make it easy to both live and work)

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  • Retirement/401K Plan Retirement/401K Plan