Bringing Actionable Regulations to the Human Experience.

Founded 2018
1-15 employees
  • Legal Services
  • Analytics & Business Information
  • Information Systems
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    San Francisco, CA

    Symbium: The Computational Law Company

    The key to Symbium's business is Computational Law (Complaw), an innovative technology based on the codification of laws and regulations in computable form. Just like TurboTax mechanizes the tax code, Symbium's Complaw-enabled web applications have rules and regulations built right into them.

    Until now, the development of Complaw systems using traditional development stacks has been costly and time-consuming. Regulations and policies often change, resulting in high maintenance costs. To combat these problems, our team developed a platform that enables the accelerated and lightweight development and maintenance of web-based Complaw systems at scale.

    We are currently focused on deploying our platform to automate cities' and counties' land use and development regulations. Our flagship service, BUILD, enables homeowners, business owners, local government staff, and design professionals to easily understand and navigate complex zoning regulations, explore what's possible on their property, and manage development projects.

    We are looking for creative and talented new team members to join us in scaling BUILD across the country and building the next generation of Complaw-enabled services.

    Let's BUILD the future, together!

    Tech stack

    Logic Programming, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, Node.JS, AWS


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    Symbium - Company Photo
    Symbium - Company Photo
    Symbium - Company Photo
    Symbium - Company Photo
    Symbium - Company Photo