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Provide users - retailers, planners, consultants, financiers - metrics about how people are actually moving around cities

  • Founded 2012
  • 1-15 Employees
  • 6-15 Engineers
  • Analytics

About streetLight Data

StreetLight Data provides empirical, dynamic data about the movement of groups of people within a region, which has never been done before. StreetLight’s metrics answer the question “who moves where?”, providing insights that enable retailers, consultants, transportation engineers, marketers and governments to enhance siting, marketing, planning and economic development decisions.

We are a venture-funded company that was started about two years ago. We think big data like the information we work with can help folks plan and manage cities better, make them more livable and sustainable. And, it is pretty cool to do stuff that is leading edge and can change the world.

StreetLight is on track to sale revenue significantly over the next year: we launched the first version of our product a couple of months and already have a couple of dozen enterprise customers.

We treat hiring as a two way process - it is as much about you getting to know us as us learning about you; we try to be transparent and open about the process. And, we like to have folks we are talking to actually demonstrate the skills they bring to the table so that we can understand how they work.

We started small.
streetLight Data - We started small.
We all seem to enjoy good food.
streetLight Data - We all seem to enjoy good food.
Sometimes we wear crowns.
streetLight Data - Sometimes we wear crowns.
This will become a very tasty meal.
streetLight Data - This will become a very tasty meal.
streetLight Data -
streetLight Data - Tasty!
Laura, our cofounder and CEO.
streetLight Data - Laura, our cofounder and CEO.
Paul, our fearless cofounder and CTO
streetLight Data - Paul, our fearless cofounder and CTO
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