Founded on the principles of behavioral economics, stickK's goal-setting framework allows users to create Commitment Contracts to leverage incentives and accountability to achieve success.

Founded 2007
1-15 employees
  • Health Care Technology & Nursing
  • Headquarters address
    39 E 30th St, New York, NY 10016, USA

    Company Description

    stickK is a Manhattan based startup that utilizes the principles of behavioral economics to create B2C and B2B goal-setting platforms. Founded by economists Dean Karlan and Ian Ayres at Yale University, our behavior change framework is tailored to help users leverage the power of incentives and accountability to accomplish their goals. With more than 300,000 Commitment Contracts created and over $24 million dollars cumulatively at stake on our consumer-facing website, stickK has also launched a portfolio of employee wellness enterprise solutions with clients ranging from municipalities to Fortune 500 companies.


    Health and wellness

    Health insurance
    Dental insurance
    Vision insurance