Backed by early investors in Dropcam, Siri, Roku, August & Eero, we are a connected device company intent on launching a new category of devices meant to change the way people experience their spaces.

Founded 2015
16-50 employees
  • Hardware, Internet of Things, & Electronics
  • Personal Fitness & Wellness
  • Headquarters address
    1875 S. Grant Street, Suite #620 San Mateo, CA 94402

    What We Do

    The light in our homes is essential to our living there. It touches every moment. For something this important to our comfort and well-being, it's time that someone, or in our case, a group of "someones," take the time to create a system that helps us all live better with light. It is from this mission that Orro was born.

    The opportunity is enormous, making our work exciting, challenging and rewarding when we look at how our company stands to make people's lives better. We're a small team so you'll have the opportunity to be a part of the early team and build critical parts of our company.

    How We Interview & Hire

    We aspire to make all hiring decisions in less than 3 weeks from your first call.

    Our interview process begins with an intro call to help you learn more about the role, learn more about your interests, and help decide if there is a mutual fit.

    If we move forward, we'll schedule a series of phone/video call to deep dive into your resume and share a LOT more about what we're doing. From there, there will be technical screenings (for Engineers), we'll ask for examples of your work (if you can share), and a work session of some type (coding challenge for engineers) to decide if there's a mutual fit.

    Our Core Values

    Users Come First - We're building a product for people and our decisions should be made with them in mind.
    Be Bold - Our goals are ambitious and so should our solutions. We're not afraid to be different.
    Design + Iterate - The best products result from and understanding the problem and honing solutions with user feedback. We want the best answer.
    Transparency - We value making decisions and process very open so that everyone can focus on the important stuff.
    Distribute Accountability - We make the decisions at the lowest level possible by the people how know the most about them Make decisions and own them.
    Show Not Talk - We focus on results and not activities.

    Tech stack

    C, C++, Linux, Java, Android, iOS (Swift), AWS, Serverless, Node/Python, CouchDB, WebSockets, AWS Lambda, Kotlin, MQTT, IoT, PostgreSQL


    Compensation and retirement

    Stock Options
    401k plan

    Health and wellness

    Health insurance
    Dental insurance
    Vision insurance
    Life insurance
    Disability insurance
    On-site fitness center
    Fitness reimbursement

    Vacation and time off

    Paid time off
    Unlimited time off
    Paid holidays
    Work from home flexibility

    Values and quality of life

    Bike parking
    Snacks and beverages
    Company activities
    Pet-friendly workplace