Neoglyphic Enterteinment

Enabling 3D creation, in real-time. Neoglyphic Entertainment marries art and science to help creators find, develop and scale hit entertainment franchises.

Founded 2014
1-15 employees
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    Campbell, CA

    Enabling 3D creation, in real-time

    By building the first real-time 3D creation pipeline, we help creators spend more time on the things that matter to them.

    Our technology platform opens up the world of 3D to creators of all sizes, skill levels and budgets. Real-time engines are changing how stories are told, but existing tools and creative platforms are not built for this new real-time world. Combining art and science is difficult, but vital when trying to build technology solutions for creative people; we focus on blending technical art, engine development and machine learning.

    We are a startup. A small group of creatives and technologists from a variety of disciplines including game design, digital and traditional art, writing, animation, animatronics, platform software, machine learning, music composition, and ecommerce.

    We have 3 core beliefs:
    1. Storytelling is at the heart of great entertainment.
    2. Data science, and machine learning in particular, will transform how stories are found and produced.
    3. Creators should focus on the 20% that makes their work special – 80% of 3D creation time is spent on repetitive, and generally, non-artistic tasks.

    We aren't changing the world, we're building new ones. Come and help us, we're just getting started!

    "Barra" from our in-house entertainment franchise, Sunborn Rising

    Tech stack

    Unreal Engine, Unity Engine, C#, C++, Azure, MS SQL, Xamarin, FMod, ZBrush, 3DS Max, Substance


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